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Let's go to Laurie in orange beach Alabama is a really orange worry you know what it's beautiful out here people don't realize how pretty Alabama beaches are even compare to Florida as a matter of fact alright as a matter of fact you know dear friend John chase at Audubon that's where his vacation home is in Alabama yeah okay yeah it's beautiful that's what he would tell me he says half the money yeah it's very expensive hi my question is answered my only thirteen SRX Cadillac into the dealership and for something that I needed six while they were headed back in the back for diagnosis another employee ran into my car in college front right mother damage they brought it out and I showed it to me they're very nice offer to pay for the repairs no the wondering if I have any other Jane I can claim instructions to manage a value well what years your Cadillac it's a twenty thirteen about from school and how many miles are on it about seventy five thousand okay what color is it I will pretty soft Golders yeah again once well see they're offering to pay for see this sewer gets a little touchy it depends on how good a job they do but because they're going to pay for a day I don't know that they're going to turn it into the garage keeper liability policy might never be reported I remember being repainted is no worse than hail damage but that would be the issue because if in fact you're you would have to say okay I had a car there's never been a rack now we have to repair this if I were going to trade my car and how much is used car guy get hit me for the damage repair the damage they're gonna have to order complete the rubber bumper and then the plastic casing for the spotlight those were most damaged well as a few scratches on the bumper yeah again making a difference you know if you have a flat white you know the gonna get that right if you have a flat black they're going to get that right if it's got some metallic flake in it I don't know the quality of their body shop but I'm pretty critical on body shop repairs as you now that being said I guess you're just gonna have to move forward with it I don't know what the laws are in Alabama about diminished value however the entire match it might be more favorable than you think because of ira gore have you ever heard of him ira gore he was an Alabama doctor who bought a BMW back in the days when BMW and Mercedes used to have body shops at the airport so there was damage on the car they would fix it before they shipped it to the dealer back when I was with Mercedes and I bought a one ninety currently mine was never tied down on the boat because they had it in the body shop in Houston for months before I got it although to be fair it was flawless when I got it doctor gore found out that someone had scratch the bumper on his BMW and it was repaired before was shipped to the dealer and he sued I forgot how much you got but you can Google it and I'm pretty sure I think he was an Alabama doctor to so that believe it or not that lawsuit was so intense that literally it changed the rules all damage had to be disclosed and all the major importers use have body shops at the port shutdown well yeah but but by the way folks that used to be really common all the time I would have the Mercedes on order they come in from Germany and yet they be in the port for two or three weeks and the only way that happen is of was in the body shop having something fix mine was there for months I used to make fun of it I said you know the broth cars over here they converted the ships in the cattle carriers to take him back to Europe and I said apparently mine made a round trip to the cattle and well have been trying to knock your cover you know something when you're in the car business things like that actually don't bother you much because you're in the car business I can understand where somebody who's not the car business and the time that that one ninety was twenty six thousand dollars when you go buy a Honda accord for ninety eight hundred but here in the car business you know that happens in the car was flawless when I got it but if I were customer buying the car I can see where that would upset me I sure absolutely in any case you gonna have to get the offer from a man say there's probably going to be a bit of diminished value on it because even you would dock my car if I traded it in after was repaired how much is that let's see if they're still nice after that okay that's what I'll do is I'll smile and be happy and you know how it comes out so many emails telling them to write should I take that to somebody else and to see if they did a good job because I'm not able to tell yeah you will if you're if you're really critical about yeah you will yeah you will okay and I want to know very quickly because again take one last quick break because I messed up the clock earlier I have had in the early days of had a number of people on the shows that I would put my body shop on the show as well great I'll meet you out there will walk through your delivery line and one of them who I really love was Thomas Quintana when Frank par was run Thomas good guy I loved it so we go through the wash with his body shop has made a great they are so let's go to delivery line which are walking on the cars and before I got done with the second one he said never mind true story he said never mind and I said that's one of my body shops on the show and lists of the raid and there are many of those make a second run thanks bye bye we'll be back in a moment on five seventy KLIF amended Cody German injured more it's.

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