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It very very sad to say. But that's true. So what the government thinks out take note by not being backed up now by plane from? James the investigation will continue. But we're also getting word that this retaliation for the bombings of the mosques in New Zealand. I guess they're gonna see if if it took them that quickly to respond to this is something maybe planned prior to that made by minute oven been blacktop lie. The claim any mentioned in their announcement today it melt true. But I think that they is the cool show negate taking of any also being coming Haber tobacco. The hall of every issue. They were different fraction. I'm not the reason why they missed imply talking like multiple lawing paying to from foreign intelligence agencies. Most of bay warning about attack on such information did not get to the people that should have done their Carney between the president. And the prime minister, they have different functions in government. I'm not what might people had believed to be the reason why not. Was stuff at the top the train while coming from one part of the government yet to see whether or not that was actually the cake at the moment a lot of Anga here in Sri Lanka government could have been wold jumped one twice that time. And yet he'll be the country of three hundred of them children all three of those children today love with me. So that my life, and I know that people are like will be opting for a long time ABC's James Longman reporting from Colombo Sri Lanka, a, man. Living in Denver was killed in those Easter bombings in Sri Lanka deeter Kowalski was in the hotel in Colombo Sunday when at least nine bombs toward through churches. Hotels in three Sri Lankan cities CBS fours. Rick Salinger reports from the man's neighborhood. This is where I lived in south Denver his truck and his pets are still here as well. As neighbor an attentive who is in disbelief that he's not coming back. Unfished book last Friday dealer ski road. Let the fun begin. Now. His neighbor infringe Zachary Chica stunned at dealer staff..

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