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Constellations which was most of the debris in a meteor shower is amazingly as small as a grain of sand that's hard for people to comprehend and you'll know it when you see it the meteor storms that is are listed as an event which produces at least a thousand meteors per hour no such luck tonight but there's some nine hundred suspected showers out there with about a hundred of those which are pretty regular and George here goes from the history files is interesting one of the most famous meteor showers the lien as it occurred back won't for good folks way back one hundred member the thirteenth at eighteen thirty three when an innkeeper in new Salem Illinois was sent to awaken a future American president Abraham Lincoln to proclaim to him that I quote of the day of judgment had come and that there were well over that night well over a hundred thousand meteors per hour they fell out of those guys the top but back in nineteen sixty six George in Arizona the lien it's roared with well over twenty four hundred meters a minute at around four fifty five AM on November the seventeenth nineteen sixty six but here we go with the live sky tonight George the peak of the arraignment this is an amazing shower even as a last quarter moon is in the sky well it's was first linked to common Haley back around the year eighteen thirty nine all the debris as I mentioned from this most famous of all comments and this has some of the Francis meteors known about a hundred and forty thousand miles per hour how to see it look at the eastern sky after midnight till dawn and then from the top left of the constellation of Orion the strange sounding store called Betelgeuse you may get to see over ten maybe to fifteen of the is an hour even in my own life the door to new thing the futures guy don't forget on November the eleventh the planet mercury will transmit the sun this is something that people need to.

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