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Generic vanilla ice cream on display kirk cousins now all one six on monday night football all one nine on weekday games stand alone games and that's where this gets interesting so kirk cousins is either going to stay in washington or one of those teams three or four like san francisco is going to sign him right and give them a lot of money here's why that game last night is very very crucial because nfl owners do not watch every nfl game but do you know what games they do watch it home monday night football and kirk cousins has played in six of them and he's never won a game so that owner doesn't really know much about the nfl other than what he sees he doesn't do this scouting he doesn't look at film but an owner sees kirk cousins in his perception is while he's not even average so if you sign him san francisco no that's your owners perception on him i was told this years ago by an nba jd owner or nba gm he said nba owners don't watch international basketball and they don't watch college basketball but nba owners watch march madness oh nba owners absolutely watch march madness so if you get down old player you better make sure that european guy is better than nick collison or a candidate sarah duker a kentucky guy in the tournament because if you draft the international guy and he's no good the owner has watched march mandates and he'll go will die even i knew that guy was better monday night football kirk cousins is o n six owners watch monday night football.

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