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Well, pensively I agree changes everything because he now takes the double coverage off gronk and and he can do things after the catch, which really adds to the production and allows Brady to throw does check downs when people play deep. The Sony Michelle is a is a good addition. If if Leonard had been there last night, he would not have had those big breakout runs on the outside zone. That said, he's a good player and he's gonna have. He's gonna have a lot of success. So offensively I think they're probably about as good as they were last year assuming that adamant and gronk can stay healthy on the defensive side of the ball, totally different story. The coverage of practice squad receivers on the colts was unacceptable guys running open left and right titans open left, and right and Andrew, of course, back and better than ever delivering laser strike sued them so that that's by built ballot check standards. Absolutely unacceptable. But the the good news is that Bill will coach them up and they'll be better, but the lack of time. Silence in that in that in the back end is pretty clear before before I'm from the subject of the New England, Indianapolis, you keep talking about Andrew luck back better than ever just a couple of weeks ago we saw Jacoby. Kobe set, throw a hail Mary. Okay. And you have people questioned whether or not Andrew Lux on issues and shoulder issues had been completely resolved. And I do the ball home or sixty times last night for crying out loud so that clearly and last week he threw the ball damn near as much as well. So that doesn't appear to be an issue, but I wanted to know what you were making of it and based on what you're seeing, is there any reason to question the health of Andrew luck moving forward? None whatsoever. I was in the locker room after the opening game against Cincinnati, talked with them listening to his conversation with Chris Ballard. He was upset that they didn't win it was they had a chance to win at the end, but for fumble. But he was ecstatic about how he came out of the game and how he felt he's built on that ever since. There was a broadcast the game in Philadelphia where the hell Mary took place. It had to be like almost a seventy yard pass. The ball was slippery and wet. Clearly you're not going to risk him in that kind of situation. He threw the ball fine that day and he's thrown owner sixty passes the last two weeks and this week on a short week which by the way we've talked about this a lot that's criminal, but it's here to stay bottom line. There's nothing wrong with it. They'll it right here was Steven a. ESPN radio ESPN is by the way, brought up Andrew. Look through fifty. Three passes the first game against this natty sixty two last week against Houston. Fifty nine passes last night. So if these guys showed the issues, I don't know how you can do that too. Let's let's leave it at that. I got a transition because I got to talk about the New York Giants Bill Polian. I really, really am interested in knowing what you see. So many people are pointing the finger at ally manning, they're saying, he's lost it. It's over. He just doesn't have it anymore. On the other hand, you're looking at that offensive line. It's no protection whatsoever. I think it's a strong combination of both. I think the offense of lines absence of the absent, the ability to protect them the way that they should has him looking around for, you know, for posing on Russia's as opposed to looking down, feel to connect with receivers. And I think it's, it's obviously hampered both him any offensive line. Your thoughts about Eli manning what you're seeing this far? I broadcast the game last week for ESPN radio and giant stadium, and therefore..

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