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Call her. thank you. Because i thought this was like i thought you plug it in and it was. It was a smart air. Conditioning is going to gauge your home. It was gonna look at you and gauge. How hot you are talk to you. A biko radio used to you have to plug it into the wall but we got you covered there trying to make you think that 'cause you busy like an iphone all of a sudden it's citizens smart like like a smartphone. Thought she was going to talk to you. You look uncomfortable. Mr coleman this is this is this is nothing but a number fan. Yeah let me tell you that the shit is actually. They safe advanced technology. The shit is backwards ass technology because we want to get cool. You gotta pull water coolers working. Yeah so you got to put water up in here. And i'll put up pull up not tested it out. You'd be better off walking and talking about because that's exactly what you've gotta get like this close to kind of thing. This is something that if you are. I don't know if you run if you if you run in like a underground casino in taiwan thailand or something you in buildings old and it got air conditioning and you sitting at a desk all day. This is what you put there to blow on you the whole time why. You can't go nowhere you're working in a sweatshop somewhere think even then i gotta say of all the ads you've done. This is the most bizarre so you can get this eighty dollars if you just go to know. This is the anti. Don't get this. I mean like. I got this just to be curious. I'm kind of glad. I did. Because i i've never seen some slow cheap. That they were talking about. It'd be different if they said. Hey you know need air in a pinch going get this shit but the senate their sell this like. It's like the the cutting edge of air conditioning. On like you look at it. This is a toy easy. Bake oven is more advanced than this. Shit shit goddamn tonka. Truck is more advanced than this you put in here and there's a fan in the back. See the fan right. There's a fan of back and the fan just does whatever a regular fan. Does the only thing that this does that it just sprays water on. Say it's like it just spits on. It can get on all your electronics and ruined those to win. God was shit. Turn things to rust in here and it is done. It'll ruin the very computer. You have to plug it to work. Yes it will. Just give me a warning right here just in case anybody sees these boxes. 'cause i and you're drunk while you're looking at it. Yeah yeah. Don't don't don't buy stuff while you're there don't drunken by actually like i said man i don't i don't i plug it in right now and here i'll i'll show you how times i buy stuff like that and it just won't even work when it's plugged in. Let me see your this'll work. So i'm to plug in his advanced technology right here and let me see was shit shit. Just hold on the shit. Just cut my computer off the like the computers. Actually lincoln right now. It's back up. It was blinking justin. What the fuck did you just put it inside. I can't put in me. I can't even I just got a message. Saying i can't to use this accessories does not. I went away but it was telling me something. Unplug the accessory using too much power to re enable. You was beaten up alert from usb accessories disabled. It's too much aching back much power. Maybe you can handle it. Try the peace. Like don't put this in me. Don't do this you know. How book is father please hurts. Yeah the spiny because the apple like don't put that shit in me that trash can take it. Oh yeah you go then ticketed at cheap as you got it. Works now stays on so there you go. It's.

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