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Seat from the test drive. He went around to the back of the car where Mr Weber met him with pistol and shot and five times the victim of the shooting survived and was able to give police enough information to track down champion says new Weber dangerous. We'll have twenty armed officers going after somebody that's stolen core force. That's just not going to happen. You're going to have that in your dealing with bomb fell says when they spotted the core Weber was driving. They knew they had their man whoever was driving victims vehicle, but Tennessee bureau of investigation says Weber rammed marshals with the color in the Memphis neighborhood of Frazier and got out with a gun. That's when Marshall's shot in outrage to fifteen police vehicles were damaged in the protests. Memphis police say fine vehicles from other agencies were also vandalized, a lot of the damage came from bricks thrown from the crown Weber thought of as a beloved member of the community at the time of the protests that hadn't been made public why Weber was wanted by the US marshals. Now that information has been released, but many people remain hesitant and say tensions are still high between the community and police. I'm Clayton Neville, and sports quite a year for first time champions correspondent. TJ Katini explains. Night after the Saint Louis blues raised the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history. Another, I as the Toronto Raptors earned their first NBA title in their twenty four year history by way of a one fourteen one ten win over the fending champion, Golden State Warriors in game six of the finals, a humble Leonard your finals MVP striving in. Pushing NATO with the trophy, but everybody deserves a Golden State failed in their bid to become the first team since the two thousand two Lakers to win a third straight NBA title. Meanwhile Canada can now lay claim to their first championship in a major sport since the nineteen Ninety-three Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series. I'm TJ Katini nineteen past when America.

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