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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Dave Mattingly. The White House is in commenting on reports. President Trump ordered airstrikes on a and targets in response to Iran shooting down a US drone, but then cancelled them last night, reportedly the targets were to include radar and missile sites. NPR's Laura and Freyer says the FAA is ordering US airlines to avoid Ronnie and airspace. Following Ron shootdown of that drone. The Federal Aviation Administration issued an emergency order prohibiting all US operators from flying through an over water area of Iranian airspace over the strait of or moose, that's where there have been a tax on oil tankers, which the US blames on Ron, British Airways trimmed as Lufthansa and Australia's Qantas or among the foreign carrier saying they will follow the FAA's guidance and redirect flights away from Ronnie, and airspace. In Pennsylvania, a fire at an oil refinery in Philadelphia is set to be contained but not yet under. Troll. It's been burning for more than four hours at the Philadelphia, energy solutions complex, and I witness Nick, tackling Mon says an explosion at the refinery lit up the predawn sky. I turned around I saw the sky get bright look like the sun is coming up like very suddenly and then over the rise in a ball of fire no serious. Injuries are reported that refinery is the oldest and largest on the east coast of the US. This is NPR news from Washington, and in New York. This is WNYC at eight thirty one. Good morning, I'm Kerry Nolan. The New York state Senate and assembly of journey for the year concluding their twenty nineteen session in the early hours of this morning, newly in control Democrats claim dozens of victories on protecting the environment and the rights of women undocumented undocumented immigrants and tenants WNYC's capitol reporter Fred mogul has more from Albany democratic legislators were kitty in January when the session started and they've been giddy in its final. Hours here in June. They're amazed at how many items on their wishlist, they checked off, even as many other potentially landmark laws. Eluded them in the win column sweeping legislative packages to combat climate change sexual harassment and landlords ability to raise rent and postponed for another day, our laws that would have legalized marijuana allowed doctors to help those who wanna die, and overhauled solitary confinement in prisons and jails. New Jersey lawmakers passed thirty eight point seven billion dollar budget and sent it to governor Phil Murphy to be signed. The legislatures budget is similar to the spending blueprint, the governor proposed earlier this year, but has a few differences chief, among them is the rejection of Murphy's proposal to raise income taxes on millionaires one of the governor's signature issues. Lawmakers also slashed funding for free community college, and they it at the state's rainy day fund the legislature passed the budget ahead of the June, thirtieth deadline, but Murphy has not said, whether he'll sign or reject. Checked, it path trains are going to be longer and more frequent in coming years. It's part of a plan announced yesterday by the port authority, the added capacity will be needed to keep up with demand, as thousands of new apartment units and parking spaces spring up near path stations, in Harrison and Jersey City officials say their goal is to increase capacity on the Newark, two World Trade Center line by forty percent by the end of twenty twenty two. New York Knicks fans are applauding their teams decision at the NBA draft. The organization took dukes RJ Barrett with the third pick last night. Barrett, was projected by many experts to go to New York. He expressed gratitude for the selection on so overwhelmed humbled and honored very thankful that the mixed contest of me that they believe me. I'm so happy to be naked. I can't wait to play mess Square Garden, the Brooklyn nets selected Georgia's Nick lax with the thirty first pick.

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