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Is start with a high school that's on so cool and they they must've been blown away they do in the states by the way so we won three states every six in a row so far wow yeah I do you do when you got your plan the what if we we met we messed up the first three peat actually all out of the fall more and we jumped up twenty one nothing in states him should game like you beat them elsewhere yeah remember the study Astor remember this got actually beat me was my teammate for a couple weeks this this past wasn't okay very arms from real light duty was up river was with the he was a corner yeah right yeah yeah yeah yeah QB their holiday switchable America's safety safe then started well background you like to hit people yeah yeah well you in the C. S. were up twenty one nothing the funny and then and it's still it's still legacy thank you right with the high school kill any thou in New Orleans this out to Austin are like you yeah that's a real Eddie Bridgewater's voice you hear on the only guess light is great to have me here representing panini trading cards in a pretty good at Nini America to check it out on Twitter we have a few more minutes here with teddy I gotta ask about your college because you can you guys are now known as QB you ha ha ha yeah you guys companies that you're gone do you guys want to root for each other always yeah yeah yeah so I was there with first meet tomorrow in he was still at Louisville and we had a preseason game we were doing a joint practice I was still the Vikings who don't enjoy practice in Cincinnati and I took a little were over to Louisville just as the idea yeah and I was great friends with the equipment is also my Karofsky so I was able to just rover finally we had exchanged text messages but I want to meet in person I got the opportunity to do that and man I just miss so proud of you know that the way he carried himself the way he's played on the field in the conduct himself off the football field is representing universal problem yeah because the all day so he's going to go way back because now it's teddy Bridgewater Lamar jacks to unbelievable town yeah yeah sky's the limit these guys might win super bowls the the old Louisville quarterback ready for who it is Jeff prom yeah that's to well I go to a joint Johnny nicely a job right away blessed to be returned thank you letter we want you guys yeah yeah they wouldn't know that because it's a a lot of people say Johnny you was kinda like Joe Montana before Joe Montana yeah Joe on last Friday he lives okay go and we are asking him you know all sorts of questions just having fun and I asked him you know he says a Brady looked up to you so who is your go right name check Johnny la he said because ours are.

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