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Randy Johnson. And I want to be your jeweler Representative Elijah Cummings since congress needs to look deeper into a number of things connected to the mall report on CBS face the nation. The Maryland democrat said it's important not only to examine President Trump's finances. But also to look at what he knew in regard to firing various people, we need to be able to have the public know that information so that they can see the president that has been about the business of doing great harm, not only talk country. John democracy Cummings. Also believes it's necessary to find out why attorney general William bar provided a one-sided summary of the report which he says has almost no resemblance to what? In the annual report, according to coming smaller needs to clarify, if he wanted congress to look at the report had take some type of action, or if he truly believe there was no collusion. President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani's responding to criticism from Utah. Republican Senator Mitt Romney Romney had previously said on Twitter that he was appalled that Trump's campaign accepted help from Russia any candidate in the whole world in America would take information negative source from a hostile foreign source says it's even legal on CNN's state of the union Giuliani explained. It's not illegal to obtain information from foreign sources, depending on where it came from. But there was no evidence that he colluded with Russians he said Romney needs to stop the act that he wasn't trying to dig up dirt on people when he was running for president Giuliani called Romney hypocrite and said if nothing immoral was done during his presidential campaign. It would be the only one in history and an investigation is underway. After a hidden camera was covered in the women's bathroom on board, the USS Arlington. The six fleet spokesman said the US navy criminal investigative services looking at how the recording device ended up in the toilet. Ship. It was reported in March in the NCIS has been conducting an investigation ever since authorities have been able to confirm the device can take still pictures, but they're unsure if it can take a video or what has been captured the Arlington is based in Norfolk Virginia and his uses a landing not for naval ships. It departed for seven month deployment in Europe and the Middle East and is currently in Greece. Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio.

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