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In the in the the side lot is long narrow in the middle part. We want to do a prairie in Gary planted. Some trees there will him talk about what we want eventually. Turn that into a prayer with really tall. Plants like prairie dock at once ten feet tall thin world. Yeah and then in front of that next to the sidewalk. There's a tree. Let Gary Talk about that. He's it will probably do a little kind of foresty under story there and then in the back. I'm doing thicket though where we are in Ohio. It's not naturally a prairie predicted ecosystem. But I know that those are helpful for the animals and those are also declining especially the tickets so I ordered nine plants and put those back in and they're small. They're probably at the tallest five feet tall right now. Except for the corollary. Those sucker sell. They'll send up more trunks as they grow some of them so that should be pretty. Nice back okay okay. So now I'd love to hear what Gary has to say as far as your goals well mine. My goal started out I'm working on three things in the yard and my My first thing that I started out doing this when we bought the house there was a kind of a dilapidated Picnic like area is like a Picnic. Table is like a covered picnic table is essentially what it was with the brick. Foundations can stuff but it was definitely very very old while. That's so yes so I got rid of the the pygmy table in the cut cover over it. I got rid of all of that and then I thought well what can I do this break area and so I decided to Pull up all the bricks and turn it into a bonsai garden in which What is essentially do there is? I start Trees in the ground in order to a get their trunks to a diameter aware they're suitable material to Start Abon Zai with and so on all winter long. I've been just like every time we go to a park around sidewalk. Or whatever if I find seeds that have fallen from trees a scoop. Mops I've been throwing scenes by the H- I've probably throughout the winter of thrown a thousand seeds in there so on I'm waiting for it to really warm up and see what's going to sprout WISCON- Germany Outfit amount is go. But in the meantime I was really interested since you know. This is our In my first time in a not tropical environment I thought wow. I'd really like to grow fruit trees so I found a place that has When they call them heirloom yeah heirloom fruit. So this isn't like a type of stuff you buy at a grocery store So I I started out wanting to get An apple a pear in Cherry And so I was going through their online catalogue them. Most of the apple trees said that you have to buy a second apple tree of a different variety in order to get this win. So I'm my I now I gotta buy two of these in to those. And then it started the cost of his started really adding up very quickly and then I found one or two where that's not required it can. It can pollinate its own self so I bought that so have an apple out there a single payer cherry and then it was only after that fact that it dawned on me that I could have started some apple trees in the bones I garden to go inside them and and utilize them as kind of a way to cross pollinate a tree. But but I'm happy with the the tree I've got out there so I bought the apple two pair in the Cherian. They came bare root in in shipped in a box. And there maybe a four the three or four feet tall okay. So so. That's exciting in looking forward to being able to pick some apples and that can stuff okay at the front When we first bought the house and I was looking at the at the yard. I had this this picture. In my mind of how cool it would be if in that big area on the side yard if we could have like at Christmas time if we had a huge Christmas tree right there that we could decorate and light up at Christmas time and all the people driving street would see this and so you know me being the person that I am. I love trees and so I would a couple of weeks ago. We had some severe weather and it knocked over a couple of streets over knocked over a blue spruce Across power lines knocked out power. To All these houses Alec Stop so a crew came with their chainsaws and cut it up. And meanwhile they left blue. Spruce counts all over the street side high. You know this person's GonNa Christmas tree. I picked up all these blue spruce cones and took them home started pole. Nc Data on. I planted a bunch of seeds out there and obviously this is kind of a long haul objective. But you know I mean in four years. Maybe the be big enough to start hanging decorations on. So we'll see. Okay wow so you. I'm almost overwhelmed by thinking about all the work. You guys have done as well as a plan to do so. This is amazing. I love your enthusiasm and I love the the various goals you guys have. That's really cool. It's clear that you guys love the idea of having her landscape at least to me. That's what speak so so Kudos to you guys for that Unsupervised energize to see the progress. You guys make so I I wanna I wanNA thank you for that. I have a couple of thoughts and I'm going to. Actually you know what I should probably drop these down so I don't forget them in in some questions too so I The stuff you were sharing areas freshest in my mind so maybe we'll start there So the Bonsai Garden. That's such a cool idea. I I noted out in eighth grade Gut like every bonsai book. I could imagine finding the Public Library because I thought it was going to be this. Bonsai all star at the time you know what every eighth grader about Jerem. And I don't know about done. A single clipping formation of any sort of Work since but it's such a cool idea. So yeah well really. I mean the the magic of making a small tree look large is really boils down to the trunk because the trunk if if you have just a little twig it just doesn't doesn't have those proportions as so the the way in which to make trunk big is to let it grow in the ground rather than in a pot and so he started in the ground until it gets to a size that is reasonable and then you transferred to the bones. Pie Okay. I'm here this opportunity is not only to allow it to allow these trees to start off in the ground but also By doing so I can also is starting to do some initial Shaping and bending and Adam it trunks have some curves and stuff like that so okay might just buy discounted throwing like handfuls of seeds into the ground. It also allows me to have a choice of what you know what like what trees healthiest and strongest than I can just stand out. The ones that are weak in won't work. Well okay..

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