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U. N., Florida, Warner discussed on iHeartRadio Podcast Premiere


President trump ripping into the World Health Organization during this afternoon's coronavirus task force briefing Mr calls they could have called it months earlier they would have known and then they should have done and they probably didn't know so we'll be looking into that very carefully and we're going to put a hold on money spent to the W. H. O. a R. put over a powerful hold on it and we're going to see the president later backtracked saying he will look at putting a hold on funding he accused the U. N. organization of being pro China and the president also saying the federal government has over eighty six hundred ventilators in the national stockpile and another one hundred ten thousand to be delivered in the coming weeks doctrine faith found she's saying the task force is also examining the disparity in cases between African Americans and whites saying the African American community is suffering disproportionately because of other medical conditions acting inspector general Glenn fine it was to oversee the more than two trillion dollars economic relief for those impacted by the virus has been removed by the president namely the environmental protection agency's inspector general to also serve as acting Pentagon IG house speaker Nancy Pelosi called to find a removal part of a disturbing pattern of retaliation by president trump California governor Gavin Newsom proposing emergency legislation that would provide financial help for undocumented immigrants in his state Warner titles and some of the federal stimulus money I'll be making some significant adjustments to the January budget proposal and advancing at the same time some economic stimulus strategies at a state level not just waiting for the federal government to do that for us they are over sixteen thousand cases of the virus in California America is listening to fox news from the Florida central credit union home once traffic center an update on that vehicle fire on eastbound I. four poaching three oh one that vehicle has been put out and all lanes of I. four are open again just be careful residual traffic as you approach the casino other not I forced move well throughout the bay area right now to send five also looking good on both sides of the bay and seventy five looking good ballpark in south bound some expressed when.

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U. N., Florida, Warner discussed on iHeartRadio Podcast Premiere

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