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You're welcome <SpeakerChange> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> well. What did you <Speech_Music_Male> think of that episode. <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> Isn't that awesome. <Speech_Music_Male> I want <Speech_Male> to thank you for joining <Speech_Male> me again. <Speech_Male> Super are awesome <Speech_Male> to talk with her and hear <Speech_Male> about her work <Speech_Male> so much goodness <Speech_Male> in what her and Suzanne <Speech_Male> doing and <Speech_Male> each of them in their own <Speech_Male> respective <hes> <Speech_Male> businesses <Speech_Male> but just <Speech_Male> really leap <Speech_Male> bringing a holistic <Speech_Male> approach to <Speech_Male> helping us heal <Speech_Male> ourselves and become <Speech_Male> better and <Speech_Male> more effective in the world <Speech_Male> and realize goals <Speech_Male> and dreams I just see <Speech_Male> so much goodness <Speech_Male> there and I I look forward <Speech_Male> to following <Speech_Male> their journey <Speech_Male> with rise journeys <Speech_Male> and individually <Speech_Male> in their practices <Speech_Male> <hes> you <Speech_Male> know by the way <Speech_Male> again <Speech_Male> I will put all of <Speech_Male> the links <Speech_Male> to what jess <Speech_Male> mentioned as <Speech_Male> her <Speech_Male> website io theorized <Speech_Male> dot com <Speech_Male> and also her <Speech_Male> facebook page and also <Speech_Male> the rise journeys <Speech_Male> facebook page. <Speech_Male> That's also so another awesome <Speech_Male> resource <Speech_Male> that you can <Speech_Male> connect with. I've <Speech_Male> watched some of the videos <Speech_Male> and content on <Speech_Male> there and <Speech_Male> just a lot of goodness <Speech_Male> in what they're doing <Speech_Male> so I will <Speech_Male> always just put that <Speech_Male> in the show notes <Speech_Male> beneath the episode <Speech_Male> what Jess mentioned <Speech_Male> I'll reiterate that <Speech_Male> in the show notes <Speech_Male> <unk> beneath this <Speech_Male> episode at <Speech_Male> episode one hundred <Speech_Male> and fourteen on my website <Speech_Male> G Mark Phillips <Speech_Male> Dot Com <Speech_Male> all the links link <Speech_Male> back to their even. If <Speech_Male> you're watching us on Youtube <Speech_Male> please go and check <Speech_Male> out the show notes <Speech_Male> so you can have access <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> those links to <Speech_Male> what what jess <Speech_Male> is doing with her <Speech_Male> her work at Yo <Speech_Male> Thera and also <Speech_Male> rise <Speech_Male> journeys. I'll put all the links <Speech_Male> there so <Speech_Male> that's the episode <Speech_Male> I WanNa. Thank you <Speech_Male> a lot for tuning <Speech_Male> in. I really do appreciate <Speech_Male> it. If you like this <Speech_Male> episode. Please give it <Speech_Male> a thumbs up when it goes <Speech_Male> up on Youtube <Speech_Male> and let me know <Speech_Male> your feedback. Let me know what <Speech_Male> your experiences <Speech_Male> with some of the <Speech_Male> topics that just <Speech_Male> mentioned and in this episode <Speech_Male> I'd love <Speech_Male> to hear that the best place <Speech_Male> to do that is always <Speech_Male> on youtube in my opinion. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Leave a comment below. <Speech_Male> I respond to every <Speech_Male> comment and <Speech_Male> I'd love to get your feedback <Speech_Male> on what your percents is <Speech_Male> from. Some of <Speech_Male> the work that Jessen Suzanne <Speech_Male> is doing <Speech_Male> are doing the world <Speech_Male> so that's <Speech_Male> an awesome place to do <Speech_Male> it all right well. <Speech_Male> Let's wrap up the PODCAST. <Speech_Male> I <Speech_Male> really do appreciate cliche listening <Speech_Male> and until <Speech_Male> next time all <Speech_Male> the best health <Speech_Male> wealth and success <Speech_Male> by.

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