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It's time for a green party. Green Party, Connor Green. Who is going to discuss Britney Spears because last week Mariah's claim Britney Spears hit me, baby one more time is one of the top 25 songs ever. Connor Green is here to tell us if you're throwing a party what Britney Song should play, Connor take it away. All right, guys, So if there's one thing people know about me, it's that I love Britney Spears. When you think of the legendary musicians you think of John Lennon. You think of Bob Dylan and you think of Britney and when I get together with friends for a little guy's night out, there's only one thing I want to listen to, and it's Britney. Oops. I did. It again is a classic at any party, and it's also what the Jets say when they missed the playoffs every year or what Tom Brady said when he won the Super Bowl again. Or what I say when I eat a full pizza by myself or what Pete says when he takes off with the Royal rumble. It's just a classic song that relates to everyone and one way or another man. No.

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