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Ball cash he's workin more so it'll bring it back now what you want now to Henry was shot across the lawn to buy and we do this anytime seven one point number one forty seven nations thirty forty in the presence of soon model reviewed zero nada que rumor has won three straight road games three the basketball the problem what was the second time all of the junior a lot of things went wrong there thank you Sir for her cancer therapies forty eight forty seven business days forty six thank you there is Winston well this is they get in a lot of contributions off the bench the guys back however right now this is guys really play harder please the defense maximum memory she let his game is fifty nine seconds nine thirty five you know most users by one number one three steps back John shop free throw line your prize you say Matt is getting a call for over the back of the ticket man sues first thirty mins missions nine forty eight one forty seven Michigan state forty six American for the Terrapins only given over to counter nothing there for a long three old good rebounder dash is was there was another practically here's a long read more Maryland rebounds leaves on the one lotus and Thomas Amir Smith makes a basket our world Xavier Tillman hit the deck hard on the other end of the floors do we have that opportunity his total for really well now it's forty nine forty six robin what's coming back in second phone what fourteen files so number one again by three three four PM who wants to see is the way it is yeah one more ball away from this eight forty five the goal wants to give him a.

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