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Every day it is very robust as a terrible picture of me on it and you can follow me on Twitter at at daily dirt nap before we get started I just have to you know I am a graduate of the United States Coast Guard academy which is a U. S. service academy it's a military academy and one of the things that you did there as a fourth class could add as a freshman what you counted down the days to go to stop for example you would count down the days to go until thanksgiving or Christmas or Martin Luther king day or stuff like that major holidays and everybody look forward to those days because they got those days off there was a long weekend and people got to travel so you would say there are eighty nine days to go until Christmas Sir and the next day would be there were eighty eight days to go until Christmas service so I am looking forward to next Friday because I am gonna take a road trip I am getting my car after the show after next Friday show I'm getting in my car and I'm driving to Atlanta from eight PM to about two AM and for the first two hours and make some phone calls and for the next four hours I'm gonna listen to my music and listen to some tunes gonna be rocking out in the middle of the night can be awesome then I get to a land I'm gonna get some tattoos on my right arm to go the ones on my left arm and this this whole the prospect and it and getting a steak dinner and I'm hanging out with my nephew like this is going to be like the best weekend possible so I've been I've been counting down since about forty days I started the countdown and now we're down to eight days there were eight days until I have my road trip to Atlanta so I am really looking forward to a but that's not what we're talking about today as his personal stuff what we're talking about today as I'm sure you've always this is your experience getting on a plane you you they have like group one through nine in your liking groups fourteen and you're getting on the plane and as you get on the plane you have to walk through first class and there's all these jerks in first class and they're already sitting down in may have drinks and all their stuff is put away and they're looking at you like you are a second class citizen and so you you were you were you were filled with these emotions these sort of mixed emotions about on one hand you say these people are jerks these are rich entitled **** heads and on the other hand you're like gosh this seems nice I really wish I was a raging title but had been sitting in first class because this seems a whole lot better than coach coach is no good so I'm not really the expert there's there's a lot of people out there who are really there I mean the whole science of like getting points in miles and cashing the main in trading them and using them there's a lot to know and I'm just gonna say white the finance guy I'm not really the points guy people out there who know more than this I'm just gonna give you the basics about what I know because you probably wondered how I get in first class and you know obviously you can by taking a first class but you probably don't want to do that so I have to say that I I travel a fair amount and I have status on American Airlines and I don't even know I travel I don't travel as much as some people some people really really really travel a lot they're traveling all the time and they just rack up hundreds of thousands of miles a year especially people who are traveling internationally and I I do travel a lot but I I I it's pretty rare that I travel internationally having said that you might wonder how you fly in first class and now there's two ways number one you can buy a first class ticket number two you can have status and get upgraded now in terms of buying a first class ticket you know first class it's expensive but I will say that it's not outrageously expensive it's Donna insanely expensive it now for in a long haul international flights like if you're going to do San Francisco to Tokyo I mean first class on the flight is going to be about ten thousand Bucks financial that's a lot of money there's a lot of money there's not too many people that pay for first class ticket there now I can tell you I go to New York all time myrtle beach New York myrtle beach New York I do this fight all the time and a coach ticket is three hundred dollars in the first class ticket is seven hundred dollars so it's more than twice as much but seven hundred dollars yeah it's a lot of money but it's not it's not ten thousand not insane and you know maybe you are at a point your life where you say you know I really like seven hundred dollars to fly to New York is not really worth it and I totally understand that and you know what you mean if you made a lot of money you might get to a point your life for you say he whole height I'll just pay the extra four hundred dollars it's totally worth it so yes now American Airlines and they'll get all the airlines are different they have their own status programs you know I'm the one I'm familiar with his American so they have gold status employment status and platinum pro status in executive platinum status so gold you get for flying twenty five thousand miles in a year he planned to begin providing flying fifty thousand miles and plan a pro you get for flying seventy five thousand miles an executive platinum which is the grand Daddy of rewards programs you get for flying a hundred thousand miles a year now a hundred thousand miles a year see if you went from New York to LA met three thousand on the way back that six thousands of you that ten fifteen seventeen times if he flew from New York to LA seventeen times that would get you executive platinum on American that's a lot that's a lot of flights that's a lot of flights it's actually it's a little bit more than just miles they have this convoluted formula and it's not just miles it's also dollars the amount of dollars that you've spent and also the amount of segments that you flown because you know for me I actually change planes in Charlotte a lot so I'm always flying two segments the matter were X. ago myrtle beach to Charlotte Charlotte to New York and on the way back into Charlotte to myrtle your to Charlotte and Charlotte to myrtle beach and in terms of dollars like if you're flying shorter flights all the time even though you're not earning a lot of miles you're spending a lot of dollars so they take that into account to now once you have status for example if you have gold status theoretically you can get upgraded and remember I said so gold you get what twenty five thousand miles and to get twenty five thousand miles it's about four round trips New York to LA so I mean it's a lot of miles but four round trips to New York to LA you would spend about how and twenty five hundred Bucks twenty five hundred Bucks would theoretically get you gold status at a minimum at a minimum and if your gold you can get upgraded so that's the good news the bad news is that you probably won't be upgraded under any circumstances because everybody else is ahead of you who are platinum there are people who are platinum pro when there are people who are executive platinum who are all ahead of you and if one of those people is on the plane big get upgraded and you don't so gold is great but you're probably not going to get upgraded a lot unless it's a really bad time of the year but what else do you get with this status well you don't have to pay for bags that's a nice perk and the really the big park in my mind is priority boarding so if you have status you board before everyone else and that's kind of that's kind of important I'll tell you why I'm sure you've been in a situation where you're like boarding group fourteen and you board the plane then you have a roller bag and you go to put it in the overhead bin in all the overhead bins are taken and the flight attendant comes up to you and says all let me help you check that to your final destination and it's got like a bunch of valuable stuff in your medication your keys and all the stuff you like no yeah bad happens a lot if you get to board first if you have status you get to board first and you get all the empty overhead bins and you can put your bag up in there and you don't have to deal with you know somebody making you check it so that's a really really big perk it's also just nice like because if your priority boarding you get on.

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