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I put. I put my work phone away after one pm. And i don't even look at it. Oh that's amazing and good for you. That is that is boundary setting right there. Oh yeah don't. I don't email me after one pm. That's pretty much the role. My work email especially people get the personal and i feel very lucky that we're going to have this conversation right now. Then this extra treats is. It's great. I'm all bundled up in bed now. This is my mid afternoon grandma moment. I love it And you're also a spin instructor is that how are you doing all of this and i know that here in the us. It's kind of a mix I think most gyms are back open but not all of them and that's been a whole thing here. So what does that look like for you. Oh it's been tough in our province so we are not open. The gyms are not open but We have not stopped teaching spin. Virtually so it's called stacks cycle club and our owner. Just pivoted so fast. I think it was within five days of being shut down. They had an entire online on demand. Streaming service available. And i mean thank god for my job because it was so simple for me to switch into teaching on camera So quickly whereas the other instructors. Also i just found like i didn't have to learn how to be on camera again So right now before. The pandemic was teaching three to four times a week during the pandemic. I teach one to two times a week. So i've dropped down on that. I've up my running But wednesdays thursdays i go live on demand and then it goes to a library as well and they have a whole subscription service and they've just been surviving doing that and we're actually waiting on some announcements from the government here to see if reopening is is coming our way or what we should be planning. My fiancee also owns a so. That's been kind of tough on us. yeah yeah. So he's you know. Obviously we've been gutted pretty financially by this as well so cross your fingers. I guess for us over here that maybe they'll some reopenings or at least a slight easing restrictions. Hopefully by midsummer. All right. i've got my. I already had my legs now. I've got my fingers. And i'll put off braid my hair later so we'll get the crossing there to do it all but i mean seriously it's it's been such a hard year for so many and i appreciate you sharing that because i think a lot of people don't wanna talk about that stuff the reality of the impact. It's having at home and on our finances and on so many different things. So i appreciate always your honesty and vulnerability. Yeah of course. I think there's a power in just saying it out loud and then sharing stories with each other because it just takes away kind of that scariness and feeling like you're alone amidst all of this like i can fully admit that might my little family of me..

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