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I'm kind of excited about but then also as I mentioned kind of missing out on some of that as well. So for me selfishly. I can hit a lot more meetings in a day on our performance in what we're doing is a business with various customer base because I can simply call in back to back so if I had one in from one to two and two to three before. The video conferencing was a wasn't appropriate method. I'd only have to choose one or the other. I couldn't do both because of the distance between all the different field office so it's just kind of understanding what that looks like from certain certain parts of the business but then on the other parts of the business were still operating business as usual. I mean we were all deemed essential employees within this industry and from what we do reach job function but it's been also kind of a a nice opportunity for us to get out and continue to execute and figure out what that you normally look like from an operational perspective as well how about. Tina's Morales everybody's arena about being able to work this way. I'm sure their child is as you now. So many people air everywhere are not being able to work extruders at gratefulness. They're absolutely. That's definitely a big challenge. Right is is making sure that Morales there when you can't just walk into their office and say hey housing's going. I know it's been rough. I know that we're doing X Y. And Z but to not be able to have that informal. Face-to-face allows us to make sure that we're being intentional in what we do what we spend our time on. I know that for me personally. I have to charge my phone probably three or four times a day now for how much. I'm on it for either. My team with with the customers that we work for to make sure that we're all still keeping that high level of connection and communication across the industry. The guilty your time is up. Eighty rang oh my phone way too much on the way too much bigger supporting as ams community members through this. I know you mentioned that you know. You are saying connected. Is there anything else that vader is doing in general to the Union? Yeah absolutely so from simple things like donations and bring him baskets to our frontline healthcare workers down here in the midland. Odessa area that we've dropped off baskets for for some of the nurses and doctors and other aspects that hospitals in centers like that to first responders making sure that their understand that were with them. We understand exactly what what they're having to go into every day or even the grocery store workers that were unbelievable thankful for that they're opening that more and more times for folks to allow the social distancing to happen at the right method. But one thing that I'm personally really proud of is our supply chain in the chemicals rolled to pivot what we were doing operationally to take an opportunity to make some hand sanitizers for both our operations folks that needed some but more importantly his for the stuff that we're able to donate to the state of New Mexico and other agencies up in that in that area that I think often gets forgotten about that. It's important that they understand that in these remote areas that were here for them. Were there for them from an oil and gas respective and those four counties in the southeastern corner but then also were there for them from a industry perspective from a community perspective and it was a great honor for us to be able to to deliver hundreds of gallons of hand. Sanitizer in and face masks. I know that you guys have been doing the same thing over at Reagan and it's just great to see wrote a community coming together in these types of crisis used to to meet the needs of what the community is asking for. That's fantastic that you're doing and that is one of the things that is so wonderful. The Permian Basin helps everybody in custody. Gather in crisis than when we're not impresses you come together so it just seems like when we are seeing challenging times like right now. It's like stepped up. One hundred percents than war oriented is which is is beautiful absolutely. I mean that's what makes this place you can you for that time and time again from every person that you've interviewed here is and I'm I'm a transplant right. I didn't grow up. I wasn't born and raised here in the Permian Basin or West Texas New Mexico. But it's really noticeable. How much of community impacts us and that was for me what I feel the most at home about being up here I lived in Houston of the door Louisiana but for me the Permian Basin has just been that arms wide open. We're in this together. We understand it's remote out here but it's not the most remote place I've ever lived so it's been really a welcome change and a welcome attitude from the community. We have around US often. Good Times in in bed hersher. What does the future whole house? A hat has changed the way that Baker Business Future. Yeah I think it's really GonNa Change in general for the industry not just oil and gas but all industries doing Bill Gates had a pretty good commentary about this the other day of what does business travel with like in the future isn't even needed or we pivoting to a point where we can leverage technology to avoid some of the either internal or external meetings that were doing because we thought that we had to drive halfway across the country or jumping airplane and have that meeting face to face. And don't get me wrong. I will still be jumping into a car or an airplane to go out and trout customers. But it's really gonNA serve to make you think are some of these able to be done remotely not only from time efficiency perspective but also from a cost savings perspective to business. So I think we're really in a situation where it's fluid and we have no idea what the future holds but I thought Bill Gates comments around business travel. Were probably the most spot on that. I've seen on what is business. Travel in general look like and what impact is going to make the hospitality or transportation industry in this new normal as a great point. That is not enough. The faced a certainly is the is the right to do business. There are sometimes that now. Maybe you don't need to take that trip. That is going to cost a lot of money and making it done now because It does too for some things I love that. Let's talk to g and how Baker Hughes who is this is something you've been doing before Kobe. The use of drowns in automation up and out. I'm happy to see that you recognize the technology aspects of that as you know Baker Hughes. Reinvented that brand. As you mentioned every week as an energy technology company in that something. That's in the core of our company of this drones will bring that up I. It's been really a unique application that we've been doing refu- years now started in adventures and Growth Area and then we bought it back into the business and it's been just a blessing ever since we've done that. The primary focus is is the fact that we're actually not a drone company and. I don't think anyone ever wants to be that what we're really focused on is. How does that technology impact the business that we do? So the most prevalent example talk about is methane emissions monitoring missions and other fugitive emissions. That come from this industry were that we're using from an operational perspective. And how do we identify the problem faster so that we can fix the problem? It's similar conversations. On data collection database management were eighty percent of the time you spend focusing on making that it's in the right format and then twenty percent of the time you're actually doing the work and through the use of drones and other automation devices. It really allows you to focus more of your effort on on the actual fixing of the problems and identification of the problems and not just problems but also on the positives. Is that as well so that you're more efficient and doing a lot more value add tasks on a day-to-day basis. I think drones is really an exciting opportunity not just for the oil and gas industry but also for for all industries to see from a manufacturing perspective. I know that they've been doing a lot on the alternative energy as well through flayed monitoring on winter vines and other things like that to really focus in on reducing some of the hse risks. That before someone would have to climb up the ladder as tall as a skyscraper to go and inspect blades. Visually and that is now done on.

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