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To deepen output cuts and held most of those gains after the a reported bigger stockpiles than had been anticipated west Texas intermediate crude up now by two point one per se. Percent. Black rock is enlisting a former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve to help bolster its investment analysis across asset classes Stanley Fischer who resigned from the central Bank in October twenty seventeen will join the black rock investment institute. As a senior adviser recapping stocks higher SNP up five up two tenths of one percent. I'm Charlie Pellett. And that is a Bloomberg business flash. Thank you, Charlie. We've got a lot going on clothing some conversation from the president at the White House who says he's giving the border deal Bill a very serious. Look he also says he's going to look for land mines in that funding. Bill said a shutdown would be terrible. And he doesn't wanna see one. He also says he thinks the China talks are going along very well right now, he's meeting with the president of the Republic of Colombia, Yvonne, Duquet marquess and the first lady is there as well. And we'll be going to the president's soon who is at the White House. We're going to wait for that. For just a moment. In the meantime, we are going to have a conversation on the China talks. We will figure out exactly what is going on with the conversations concerning trade, the President Donald Trump has you've heard says he's extent open to extending to March first deadline to raise the tariffs on the line with us as Andromeda Bloomberg news global economy reporter, Andrew I've been going back in my mind trying to listen over again to all of the pundits have been talking about this. And I can't find anyone who actually thinks anything of substance is going to come out of this talk, these talks that it'll be mostly just show. Is there anything of substance that can happen here? Well, it depends on your perspective. I think there is a deal on the table. What's kind of been called in some quarters a skinny deal between the US and China on trade that would involve China following through on some of the promises. It's made to buy more American goods that involves things like soybeans things like. You know, maybe make some aspirational commitments to change its state driven economic model make some changes to its IP policy. But if people are looking for a deeper structural reforms by the Chinese, I think that type of commitment, we'll take long Andrew we have the president of the United States from the White House talking with his guests at the White House, whether they are number of solutions a number of different options, and we look at all options. Are you thinking intending through never? Never talk about that..

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