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Mystery. Now to the story. After the death of baron j. sewn year hotel year noel corbu who had bought his property spread the story of the priests mysterious riches but when author gerard said caught wind of the mystery he took it a step further in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven descent and a man named pierre plantar published a book called the gold of ren which was later retitled the accursed treasure of ren la- chateau. This text offered many sought after answers to some of the shadows most pressing questions. One of their major claims was that the merovingian dynasty royal french bloodline who lived in the years following. The roman empire hadn't died out. They claimed descendants of the family were alive and well and they may have been tied to so secret. The authors suggested that the merovingian king dagobert the second had an infant son before he was killed in six. Seventy nine c. That child was secretly taken to the town of ren lucia toe where he was hidden for his safety. The engraving on the flagstone that sewn year found of a horse with two riders was a night bringing the baby to the church of saint. Mary magdalen the bug. Supposedly also included copies of the actual parchments. Sonia and containing latin bible verses descended claim that he discovered these parchments in the national library in paris alongside a trove of documents called the dossier secrets which helped him to come to these conclusions. They also included a list of every grandmaster of a secret society called the priority of on the priory of ceylon was said to be a fraternity created by the knights templar. Their job was to hold and protect. All of the catholic churches secrets. Allegedly it had operated in the shadows. Since the year. Ten ninety nine ce the list of former grandmasters included european luminaries like sir isaac newton and novelist. Victor hugo to said suggested that the priory group was behind sewn years treasure and the mayor of vengeance secret in fact the priory of science may have even paid barron jay sony ear for his silence. According to descend and plantar the priory was still around pierre plantar himself claim to be the group's current grandmaster as well as a descendant of this narrow of line a year after their books publication. It found its way into the hands of a man named henry. Lincoln from their sewn years legend only grew. Lincoln wasn't a historian. He was a writer for a science fiction. Television series called doctor who and while he was intrigued by the answers decide and plantar offered. He wanted to do more exploring for himself eventually. He found himself trying to explain the very same questions that haunted barron jay soni air when lincoln read the biblical parchment. That sewn year had supposedly discovered he noticed that some letters were positioned higher than others though. The text was in latin. Lincoln found that if he took all the raised letters together. They actually spelled out a message in french. One that translated to quote this treasure belongs to king dagobert. The second and syon lincoln felt there had to be more to the message so he continued searching through the code. Oddly enough he was right. Lincoln found another phrase that roughly translates to shepherdess. Not that poussin and ten years old. The key pa six eighty one by the cross in this horse of god. I complete this guardian daemon at midday. Blue apples yes. We know this sounds like a bunch of gibberish. That incan noticed that some details did actually make sense. The numbers six eighty one could have referred to a year or the elevations of a nearby mountain as for crosses there. Were certainly plenty of those around ran. La- chateau the words shepherdess. No temptation and kuzan also jumped out at him. These were clearly reference to poussin's painting the arcadian shepherds the same piece that so near bought it. The liuw perhaps soon year had cracked the code before his trip to paris. This would explain why he purchased the reproductions. They held the next clues in the painting written on the tomb. Was the phrase et in arcadia ego. If you remember this was also allegedly written on marie blanche for his headstone. Perhaps why sonia destroyed it. But as lincoln studied the poussin painting further he realized that there was more to this riddle. Career blache for was buried underground in the inscription was on her headstone. So it's still left the question of the above ground tomb unsolved yet. It looked remarkably similar to one on a hillside. Just a few miles away from ren lucia tau lincoln knew he would never get a look inside the real tomb but in the painting the lines of the image seemed to form a pentagon the corners of which could then be connected to form a pentacle. Linkin wasn't sure why or how. But he knew. This had to be another clue and he wasn't going to stop investigating so he threw more resources behind his theory. Lincoln pitched the mystery of ren lucia toe as a documentary series to the bbc the lost treasure of jerusalem aired in february of nineteen seventy-two introducing. The english speaking world to the decades old mystery. The town was again inundated with visitors. Some were just curious others were looking for the next clued sauniere secrets. Unfortunately the whole experience has become quite a headache for the local residents to the point that in the nineteen eighties. The man who owned the property housing the famous tune had the grave destroyed fed up with people trying to break into his property. But that didn't stop others from trying to get rich off. The legend in one thousand nine hundred eighty two lincoln published a book called holy blood..

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