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Experience in different fields Via the vehicle of medical profession shall in order to prepare for the road and was was important for me to read various literature based on what he'd experienced so for example is great book code the siege of krishna. Or which kind of takes you to basically their arch and the wall so no Involved in and then folks they were like you. Victorian studies on on surgery of that area which were great hopeful. So a lot of this stuff happened in prep. Just ecomomic may at least feel like licensed to be inventive and theralac i Some level of understanding inter. I wanted to ask you know as you're assembling. This is this piece. And i know you used to work on and release scott films as a as a as an editor and that sort of your background comes in sort of post production when you're making something that's going to be five hours as opposed to a feature. How does your brain change in terms of pacing in terms of cutting in terms of assembling. Something that's going to have ins and outs as an episode and you know the arcs of each sixty minutes versus the arc of a two hour and change film. Were the or thinking in terms of this is actually a five hour statement. It's definitely a challenge. Sometimes i always. I wanted to think of as as you say a five hour state. It's a five hour movie. That'll be a five movies. A breakdown briefly about trying to find the highs and lows within each be episode. Because you have to realize sometimes. I'd like to get the people that she watching the tv show but you have to remember that people do need to have something to bring them through the alex that leaves them wanting mold.

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