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I don't have that bad of a rate. They'll all day because I see you getting on there and just talking about everything. And I love talking over drivers. Yeah. See I don't. I don't. Yeah. Well, well, either way either way I have had issues before where they they kinda give you money back quick feel like, hey that trip was a nightmare. Bubba. They'll reimburse you, so I'm pretty sure you get your twelve bucks back. So you could sleep at night. Fuck you. I'm a principal guy. The guy cancel the trip because he had an emergency. I'm totally cool with that. Like, I'll get another Uber. But but that's a Bush league move through their things. I had jotted down got. Some people on Twitter. We're asking us to mention that Haley Branson fight. Obviously there was a history because Pederson dot hit. So when they met up back at in in Vancouver. You know, they had a pretty spirited 'bout. There was the game even ship your as as the as it was winding down because Mangku ver was kinda running away with it. So if you guys wanna watch good tilt, I Haley just a little pit bull. Kgab Ranson's a fucking mutant. So handsome fella too. So check that one out some other people messes us about Anaheim straits we recorded, and there was only one trade that had been made at that point. Right after we got off on the Wednesday. I think it was all the sudden Anaheim popped off all these trades. Nothing. Nothing that significant or a you can go through them after I'm done here. Yep. Like, you know, just to try to shake things up. I mean, twelve losses in a row. And and and what do you have to say about that? All right. Yeah. Just want to get people up to speed on the trades significant traits that did happen. Since last episode, Minnesota a quiet onto a Burgh from Anaheim for full of Justin clues who was college free agent that Minnesota signed last year. The biggest deal was probably Minnesota sending. Nino Nita ride to Carolina for Ford this victirats canes, getting a solid twenty to twenty five goals score in need Arriva victirats about fifteen twenty goal scorer could probably bump that up could be nice value player for four million dollars a year. In addition to clues deduct also quite defensive Michael Dell's auto from Vancouver for defense and Luke Hsien in the seventh rounder probably more of an organizational depth move there. So yeah, Anaheim shake things up on they have won two in a row F losing twelve in a road show. Maybe GM Bob Murray getting the desired results already back. Good point couple of things. I had written down here to boys. I talked to Jeff Carter. And he thought that Cova would be a great guest on the podcast love to talk to covy. So I asked him I said, yeah. Ask them for. Sure. So he text me back. He goes. Yeah. He goes cold trucks, not crazy about you guys bash the cage L in Russia. Sign knew it. I knew it not happy. I know he's just which is fair. But I mean, hey, if we do we say anything that's not accurate. Yeah. I think I think if we had him on. I'd be able to be like covy like we're just falling chicken that wasn't wrapped in in packaging at the grocery store. We'd bashed the NHL to. Yeah. Well, either way I mean, I guess we've been kinda hard on Russia, but it's all in good fun. It's all great memories. So Crete stories, maybe we could do a to interview fucking shut up this. I know what this wrap this you guys. You guys got a hop on planes. I gotta get my bets in anything else. You had listened outdoors. Yeah. A couple of quick notes to harass concussion Saturday night. He got run into hod by Philip was Chidol title, always heighten title. I he scored a goal and he got hit at the same time by McEvoy really hit Rask cod. So hopefully, he's all right and other thing to Terry O'Reilly Tasmanian devil wearing spitting chick. Let's get out. The Bruins game was on the Jumbotron, I'm not a parent..

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