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For today I'm Karen Stewart there's more traffic and transit twelve thirty one on ten ten wins. Shane Dorian is making its way up the coast of Florida it's spiral bands bringing winds and rain to the mainland corresponded Pete call Mrs on Amelia island north of Jacksonville it took her family two days to board up windows and Carol call great match that might have been a little overkill I'd rather do too much that not enough winter now gusting on Amelia island with the center of the storm just about a hundred twenty miles away and as it draws closer those winds increase Carol says it's tiring but my attitude is better to be safe than sorry at least some of her neighbors agree across the street the Ritz Carlton resort has been closed for days as the storm approached a major concern along the coast as the storm surge especially at high tide this afternoon a hurricane warning has been extended into the Carolinas residents have Charleston residents of Charleston ideas have been told to evacuate due to fear of flooding forecasters say Dorian could come ashore at late tomorrow or early Friday along the coast of North Carolina. in the Bahamas it's a scene of devastation on grand Bahama and great Abaco islands prime minister Hubert Minnis says seven people have been confirmed dead that number is expected to climb as rescue workers hit the ground and search the rubble corresponded markets more reports from the staging area than in Nassau the couple from Canada who were vacationing.

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