President Trump, Michael Berry, Emmanuel Macron discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Seventy ninth annual sisters rodeo this Wednesday through Sunday at the sisters radio grants. Experience extreme bulls. The rodeo parade on Saturday and lots of rodeo action all weekend long. That's the sisters. Odio the biggest little show in the world. Info at sisters radio dot com. TV W partners with community businesses to provide employment opportunities to adults with disabilities. You can support this effort by participating in the Christie dealer memorial, TV W golf tournament, presented by MU mom metro and Godfrey attorneys at law at the reserve vineyards and golf course. Friday, June twenty-first the event includes green fees in a cart, the goodie bag a barbecue dinner and more. Bryn formation called five three eight four eight forty three nineteen the Christie dealer memorial TV, W, golf tournament Friday, June twenty-first the reserve. This is what matters this is beyond Xs and os. This is the difference mutual respect makes this is what character looks like this is what defines us in Oregon. This is sports, manship school sports. It's not the outcome that matters most, but the way the games are played. This message presented by the Oregon school activities association. The Oregon athletic directors association. I appreciate you. Making an appointment to listen to the Michael berry show right here on eleven ninety. K E X. If you're not Niro radio, you can always listen on the free radio app. The Michael berry show get it. Vide ending beach. The sound of taps playing is the president and MRs Trump alongside French president, Emmanuel Macron and his wife overlook Omaha beach on this, the seventy fifth anniversary. The president thanking veterans now in their nineties made it to the ceremony. The men who sit behind me. And to the boys who rest in the field before me. Your examples will never, ever grow old French president.

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