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Alex smith with forty pins at his leg tariff to have to get rid of the ball one second and i. You can't do worse at the court. The has nothing was unbelievable. How bad he was. And then he's like partying in the strip club without his mask and do look hoskin starts the first four games. Then they go to kyle allen and alex smith week five weeks six seven and nine is kyle and then you mix alex smith in weeks ten through fourteen then you go back to haskins. After smith gets her haskins there for three weeks. Smith is back for week. seventeen week. Eighteen is heineke this offensive coordinator in terms of scott turner. Just had to try to figure out how to optimize the offense whatever he could to all these different guys that were getting thrown out in. I think he did an admiral job given what he was dealing with. I think we're going to see a team. That has a lot. More upside from calling perspective can do a lot more with ryan fitzpatrick quarterback. I think this offense absolutely improves. I think diane brown who may knock it on the field quite as often is going to be an absolute stud there when he does she chance to get on the field but my concern is actually on the defensive side of the football. It's it's not a concern. It's just like water. Could problems rise. Arise from defensively. This team got it. Seven wins against some pretty crappy quarterbacks. I think you probably know this house but they did not. They only beat one team. Had a winning record last year. And that was ben rothlisberger on that weekday night other than that the only teams they beat were bad teams with terrible offenses and backup. Quarterbacks like nate said feld nick mullins and andy dalton twice in carson wentz. Then got benched. And joe borough who got injured during that game so this defense is probably not as good as what we saw last year. I like their talent there. Just it's unlikely. They produce the same type of defensive results. I'd but i do think the offense can carry them. I got a little bit. You heard house has no house sharp. I got washington football team early in this off season. A little bit. I took some on washington s. Four hundred to win the division. So i think that there's certainly upside in them. Winning the division I don't like it at their current number. Not whatsoever. But i think that there was definitely value there and i think that there's a good chance they can emerge Dana jones. i mean. Did you wanna talk about daniel jones at all. They're not anti dana. Can we talk about house. House told me last week and he was completed hundred percent serious that he thought antonio gibson was better than the dania tomlinson and his prime it was an actual acting. He sat through now. Don't you discredit be any further all on my own. I will just say that you do. Love your tony gibson. Though i do love him i also This is the kind of psychological gymnastics yet. Performers washington fan. Dwayne haskins ultimately is the price. We had to pay to get dan. Snyder the fuck away from the football team. He is the dan snyder. We paid a premium like a after twenty fucking years of this jerk off meddling and putting in yes men and all that it finally took a guy who was absolutely unfit for the nfl to be put into a starting position and then go to the strip club after abysmal failure after abysmal failure to get past neither the fox away from the because ron rivera saved the team. He saved the franchise. And that's the only way that we have a chance to get to tonight wins so i'm okay with haskins because that's the price that we had to pay to get to this point right now. The snyder tax the snyder tax exactly right. that's fair. you biters peter this house. How does really like daniels center that much. I i would wager to say that. That is strong. Favourite among most people who are fans of the washington team in this area has done a great job maybe as as the owner that not ideal that at all right. We're going to end it with the shanna gasm. Let me let me set the table. San francisco last year six ten this year. They're over unders ten and a half. That's a pretty dramatic for. I can't remember the over under for team being that much higher than their respective largest in the nfl this year only to the jacksonville jaguars who only right. Yes usually shitty team division there plus one ninety conference plus six fifty super bowl. Fourteen one not to make the plus minus two five I'm.

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