Hans, Tutwiler Mccoy, Mullet Hall discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show - Hour Two: Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated


Right well last that's a problem that's not what baseball wear to have real strict requirements and i think i think he's i think he's very close but yeah i think he dan okay well i you know i don't know a taipei and i don't know what the criteria only honest without hans who is if you want a son paul i mean he tutwiler mccoy for him i i i ever lighting arc very much uh but yeah there's a difficult things that someone goes for them to be in the hall of fame tremendous guy hager alaska questioned is uh it's might gandhi got hit by called fame might have gotten as in the mullet hall of fame ah at i jack hey i'm glad you're back buddy thanks rich uh listen my gundy ought to be in every hall same i think he's alaria c he is i mean he is really he's the real deal mike leach was was was a corner carnival barker on many risk money levels but but gundy's just downright funny is also got a team i think capable of of getting the college football playoff i think oklahoma state is a very sneaky team this year we'll take a short break back with much much more welcome back to the program dave matter is with us so glad he is alongside they matter of course from the post despatch missouri on the field today dave always a pleasure so our how our the tigers looking this year and uh i'm sure hoping for a turnaround after a last year's disappointment halo their their undefeated far in camp they are they got through one day and they've got about three weeks left so yeah they're they're they're hopeful that they can turn this thing around you know it it's been a while since two straight losing season is much less three so there's some real urgency for burial to staff and his group a seniors to to get this thing turned around.

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