CBO, Mcconnell, Russia discussed on Rush Limbaugh


That he could learn why and how they scored the way they did once the cbo scores it that mcconnell goes back to the drawing board they have to provide math cpr when they presenter scored a hattrick brazil their formulas for having shown how they arrived at the number so mcconnell wants to see be all scores that trojan horse bill can write a bill according to their math that they have to score positively does mcconnell think that way do you believe i was throwing this was a possibility could it be what we're dealing with here could mcconnell purposely written a bill that we get this score with this methodology so as to find out how they were going to score things what they're map was going to be an and take vat and write a new bill ending dare them to come up with the same score and thus expose what the studios don't just throwing it out i know the floor years the cbo is never going to scorning favorable the republicans what if mcconnell can expose that though what at the trojan bill exposes that the cbo is not nonpartisan does he even want to do that and these guys swear by the cbo look in omiya mr optimistic i'm just looking on the right side of hong ever there seems out character but i've never believed the cbo is nonpartisan never that the reactions i got to that were along the lines of russia given mcconnell too much credit is not that smart number one he doesn't care of this much about it and then people's that he doesn't want it to pass he likes the score from the cbo that it's gonna cost twenty two million people are going to lose their health care at all his money likes that because these republicans don't want to do that and by the way i give that theory some credence i mean you take a look at what's really happening ear is it not obvious that what what what is the republican recipe here what is the conservative recipes remiss it's not tinkering with medicare and it's not tinkering with medicate called the the conservative solution is to get rid of this to.

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