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The jets in the middle of the action they didn't get their top choice kirk cousins is said to be headed to the vikings for a reported eighty four million for the jets make plenty of other moves they reportedly come to terms with two quarterbacks at defensive back a linebacker and running back to florida bax josh mccown he's coming back one year ten million and the jets also sign the former viking the free agent teddy bridgewater he's on the comeback trail from a knee injury the defensive back one time ram tremaine johnson the linebacker used to play for the titans avery williamson and the running back is the former brown isaiah crowell the jets were reportedly signed free agent running back jonathan stewart lost tonight in the ncaa tournament for you brooklyn they rabin by radford in the first four seventy one sixty one and then the other i four game it was a win for saint bonaventure defeat ucla sixty five fifty eight wagner a loss of the nit to baylor eighty two fifty nine also in the united tonight into three rider leading oregon sixty five sixty one make it a straight losses for the knicks they lead the dallas mavericks by five and a third quarter when dallas went on a nineteen old run never looked back mas went on the road for the first time in over a month feet the next one tenth of ninety seven the rappers won their ninth in a row they fail the nets by as many as fifteen tonight at barclay center but they broke it open in the third quarter go on to win at one sixteen to one zero two dangelo russell twenty four points for the nets in the first quarter hit seven freeze finished with thirty two in the loss exhibition baseball yankees and tigers earlier today to to tie tabatha allowed one run over four the akis today sending labor torres back to minor league camp the mets tim tebow back to minor league camp today they split the squash both lost it was a loss of the national tonight seven to four zack wheeler allow five runs in that game amid rod rosario homered in that game and the astro's beat the mets this afternoon six to one noah syndergaard allows one earned run over foreign twothirds today syndergaard was named the mets opening day starter you want assessment as late scratched because of a sore wrist xrays negative they say is not a serious injury you.

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