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So that it's questions or AM AMA at impact theory dot com AMA at impact dot com, which is actually going to need to make that Email address. But by the time you hear this that Email address will have been made poor chase been drowning sifting through because everything goes to connect. So if you have a question send that question two A M A at impact theory dot com, and he's setting an alarm right now. All right, guys. Thank you so much for submitting the questions always incredibly meaningful. And the first one is from Natasha shivani. Hi, tom. My question is in relation to learning. I believe learning in itself is a skill. I've been trying to build myself esteem around being an avid learner. But I've noticed that. It's not it. I've noticed but what I've noticed. Does that I'm not learning at a fast paced, could you break down some skills required for fishing learning? I know repetition and doing things routinely over and over again is advised. But what else if you had to breakdown learning skills into five simple steps? What would they be? How does one monitor officiant learning and improve on this? All right. I wish I had a piece of paper and a pencil. I could actually give you five precisely. But I will go off the top. Okay. So number one is going to be area of interest. I find that. The biggest thing the learning is having the enthusiasm that everything that you encounter actually gives you more energy in your excited to go down the path. And there's just like you wanna share it? You want to tell people and talk about it. That's really really big. So identifying the things that you enjoy learning about that's really big. And I'll give you an example. So Lisa when I first met her the thing that she loved learning about, and I don't know how to take this was serial killers. Man. She went hard for that serial killer cake, and that was always. Really interesting to me like getting her to read nonfiction was next to impossible unless it was about serial killers. Now, thankfully, she just found a broader array of interest other than that..

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