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Regard for football players at the same time he was learning the alphabet. It's been with him almost his entire life. Keep reading your on fire. Oh Art after every patriots game bill check would find Taylor for a handshake shake and speak a few words. Every game heck sometimes during the game check would make some positive comment to Taylor. Like you're killing us today Taylor Bill. Belichick loves great football players and he loves playing football. Now you say well. What does that mean? What that means is he's always scouting? So how does this apply recruiting. How does this John? You know this as an entrepreneur and I I would consider to be an entrepreneur. Are you always recruiting new talent everywhere everywhere you got to eat. You're thinking about that later. He view on the seo Ti usually for excellence. You know and so the other day I was Out At researchers research every week yeah shopping and there's this one guy in there he's in there all the time and he's just killing it and so those types of people you just want to find out what they WANNA do and see if they are looking for more of a career than just job and so just anywhere. Ah Anywhere you go yours looking for excellence. And you're looking to see what you can do with that. I could tell you're going to be a successful manager. Not Or entrepreneur. Not If you look for talent at all times but the people that don't look for town at all times John I know they're not gonNA find good talents. The most most of our good talent comes from finding people at all times. I mean think about this for a second where did did attempt come from the call center Research and used to work with them back in the back in the day. Yeah most of our really. Excellent employs came from like a starbucks or a quick trip or places like that. So it's a you know you know that. They have the sense of urgency. And then you're just looking for people to have good character and have that sense of urgency. That are willing to do a good job every single day. Also WanNA I WANNA make sure we didn't skip over the fact that in that quote Bill Belichick says that Steve has father was even more terrifying than he is. Let's talk about that for a second. How crazy easy would that be if that were true? I would just say if you're out there today and you don't have a certain amount of intensity then you can't win. Dan and that intensity is something that you have to bring to the table. And everyone's going to say you're you're mean that you're a mean guy you you you just you know you. You're not being kind but I'm telling you you've got to have that kind of intensity to be successful as an entrepreneur if you're not that's okay okay. You just can't win. I've never met someone who's successful is not intense. I've never seen in. Everyone says they're too intense. Everyone everyone who is super successful is very intense and everybody the L. says there too intense right they get labeled as OCD or anal. You know why you're such a jerk and those the people that win though and then everybody else if you're not it's okay. Let closing anything. But there's a difference between entrepreneurs and enterpreneurs and so you could be very business minded but maybe being the owner or the leader of that organization isn't for you and you just need to find the right spot for that if you're out there today though and you're saying to yourself you know what I don't know I don't know the white way to be intense. We'll get out to workshop. We'll show you at the workshop will teach you how to do this. We'll teach these skills or just watch bill. Belichick might watch him on the sidelines on Youtube. You can see 'em coaching at his is best. He's a brilliant manager. He does a very good job. Just I'm asking you a scale of one to ten today. How intense ten intensity needed and one is the intensity Most people bring to the table. How intense our you've gotta have that kind of laser focused intensity to be a successful manager? Now Bill Belichick Fun fact way number number seventy two the Patriot way. Bill has coaching presence on players from the other team. Luke what say you funny thing Taylor Begin to notice something. He played differently against New England. It was subtle something no one else might have picked up on but you know that feeling of sitting in a rowdy classroom straightens up when the principal walks in. That's how Taylor felt one time. He made a tackle on the Patriots sideline and some Patriots started trash talking. People have no idea just just how much players come after each other verbally on the field. Anyway Taylor turned to say something to the guy and he saw bill check in the background. I see coach Belichick Taylor I said and I don't say a word. I thought. Coach ballot check is here. That's not how I should be. He laughs I didn't want to disappoint Bella check. He says with with wonder and his voice and he wasn't even my coach. Luke you worked at life church where you have an unbelievable leader there in Craig Rachelle a phenomenal nominal leader We spent some time in his physical presence few times actually and does he do that. Same kind of thing you mean the swift with the intensity is what you're saying. Yep He's a very intense focus person. Everything that he does is is is intentional. Out of the mission of why he has an organization come across though as as though like because everybody step up their game when he's in the room. Yeah Oh yeah. Everyone brings one hundred ten percent when he's in the room because he does and that's a standard he sits now John I've noticed this when you first started out as a manager. Nobody got serious when you walked by and we had this conversation a lot because you were one of the them one of them and every time you'd have to hold someone accountable they're like what is it that our circle back to me right. He's so mean. He's so intense. He so mean he just trust me and I can't say I did the perfect job at it but I have to have your back when you're trying to earn the respect of the people. I have to have your your back in John. Wise that so important when the people employees circle back to me and go. Oh the manager so intense. Why do I you have to be intentional about letting the employees no? I have John's back. quit coming to me complaining about him because you're basically complaining about my decision as a leader air to choose him and I'm GonNa immediately tell them what you're saying. Well why if there's somebody out there listening right now who just promoted someone manager and people were not happy. They're saying that they're too intense. Talk to me about that that dynamic and how we eventually you eventually earned their everyone's respect. I become a major from this what everybody views as the same. They kind of resent you for it. And so like you were saying is they'll always come back and just kinda go round. Whoever that manager is and so? So if you're not very intentional about kind of nipping that in the bud then it will always happen. It will always be that way so anytime like you delegate. Something to me. If that wasn't in fixed then I would go and try to do it in the nobody would do it. Nobody would follow. And so the whole system would fall apart because there's not a clear leadership and there's not a clear communication in togetherness of the top people so again if you're out there today and your people don't immediately get more focused when you're in the room that means they don't respect you and you've got ask ask yourself. Do People respond with respect when you walk into the room or are you the guy who jokes everybody and nobody takes you seriously because it's easy to do that very easy to also I say it also like what loosing with Past Craig is he holds himself to a certain level of excellence and then he expects the exact same same from everybody else. And so if you're walking in a room and you don't kind of notice where everybody steps up their game. Then what does that say about your excellence level that you are telling your people around you that this is what you're expecting. I'M GONNA keep up an audio clip from Kanye. West's new album. Jesus is king. which if you don't own it I really do think you should? You should own the album or early as listen to it. And there's a track called Salem and that song in the song say law he says I mean I'm just focused. I mean focus and that is just keep the little line here for you.

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