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Trigger man is back so it gives them uh not only the advantage of having a veteran quarterback who can do good things there but it brings their offense back up to the high level that it's played that traditionally so uh the you know if anybody can do it they can't did you bring it up because i harkens back to arab rogers quotes he's not here a saved the day he's one of a collective whole that has to do the job would i interpreted from those comments that he's a guy that supremely confident in himself and his offense but he can't play defense for this team and over the last couple of years i think they've let him down what have been your thoughts about what you see from the green bay packers in recent memory particularly in the height of amer raj career well i take you can you can say that the defense hasn't played as functionally as it should have much of that is due to injury man oh man they have sustained so many injuries in their secondary and i'm capers really adds deng miracles try it to take young players who are and who i don't have a lot of experience and plugging them into a pretty complicated system and an dumming it down for them and trying to get them functional so it's really been more injuries on the defensive side than anything slowed them down over time uh but they're going to need a terrific defense her performance if they're going to go all the way uh here as well great bill polian right he was steven aches on espn radio let's transition to the game at a week because obviously everybody's been looking forward to it the new england patriots will visit the pittsburgh steelers the number one seed in the afc thus far they've got hold on it out number one seed by beating new england this sunday they haven't been able to be tom brady too often in recent memory a handicapped as gainful me well i'm going to be there to it on espn radio okay uh so i'm looking forward to it there's an old saying in football that it isn't the.

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