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The live and local updated had from wwe case john hewitt in southfield demolition now underway at the north lambah's target buildings are hoover will have that and president trump praising the passage of a four trillion dollar republican budget in the house of representatives cbs news with the update seconds away good afternoon i'm jackie paid for wwl detained newsradio nine fifty four to 1245 jeff lesson stepping in for ryan volley and your money at while fifty five the dow is up one hundred points seventy seventy gay news time now twelve thirty one cbs news update this budget that the house just past brings us closer to making that dream a reality dream house speaker paul ryan is talking about is tax reform and a vote to pass a four trillion dollar republican budget plan is a step in that direction the vote today was close to sixteen th to twelve twenty republicans joined all all democrats in voting against our tax reform plan invests in these people in real people because we really believe that families know how to invest their dollars better than the federal government key details of the tax cut plan are still to be worked out the budget measure is the same warm have cleared the senate last week house democratic leader nancy pelosi sees it this way shaking down the middle class ripping off the middle class increasing that taxes of the middle class and president trump tweeted moments after the house votes calling it big news cbs news update i'm steve kathan and you're listening to w wjr news radio nine fifty breaking news right now there's been a setback in the ongoing repair of that water may break broke this week in farmington hills which will likely extend the boil water advisory in the area joining us live and local with the latest is wwe gays john hewitt john hijacking were just came in for the great lakes water authority that although they made progress in the.

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