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Power hour with Jay gasoline. Trevor Bauer talked about the three roles he has for any possible relationship with a woman one no feeling to know social media posts about me while we're together. Three I sleep with other people guys an oddball. He's honest, though, he's listen, he's an ad guy. He's honest, and that's the one thing I'll say he might be a jerk, but he's been trying to pretend to jerk. I think the misunderstanding from his angle is that you're not going to have a relationship like this. What he's having isn't relationships. And I don't know if he gets that. They're more situation. Ships us Molina's, call them. Forever Bauer is looking at pitch and gore score while he's looking at throw strikes get outs. And then hit when he's away from the field in. He is not actually he's not a National League pitcher. It sounds like it with the Indian the power hour. Weeknights at seven eastern on ESPN radio. As they should. Cream Abdul Jabbar and putting up his memorabilia auction threes money for sky Cookstown Dacian helps kids kills the four hundred grand for his eighty seven ring bought by Boston fans who are going to burn. Now. I guess it last week a work crocs from Harry Potter. That is in the sole of the Lakers. Come pouring out. Tony that has already happened SP nation AM with Tony de weekday mornings from six to nine eastern on SB nation radio. The odds with Matt paroled. But this idea that it's good for somebody else to have a chance to win. And it's good for the conference, or if you're Jay hawk fan, saying, you know, it's good for the perception Kansas has never missed out on number one seed because people have said will they play in a week conference the conference isn't very good. Okay. You can't be a one-seat. That's never come up. Kansas has never had a problem with the conference at plays in because they're the big boy in the conference, basketball wise, it's Kansas and everybody else every once in a while. You'll see a Kansas state team. Get good like this year, Iowa State from time to time becomes a decent team, Texas Tech once in a while every now and then coming up popping up in the big twelve Missouri used to be in the conference, and when they were in the conference, they were nice foil. A big rival.

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