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Tower power looks dangerous King in that truck show Kroger's launching self-driving grocery. Delivery to Arizona All right then Kroger's self driving grocery cars should be out later in the year So you get groceries so. Now you, order with. I guess your phone and then a car brings them to You know what's going to happen right away Car's gonna pull up the back opens. And then you pull out all your stuff they obviously. Can't put two people's things on their less they. Figure out why they're gonna lock things down I guess it could be like one of those kennel, trucks ever seen when the dogcatcher comes around they get. Like fourteen different kennels all locked in there and then you would have a code unlock one of them and. Then they only give you so much, time what if what if you move slowly The And you can only carry one little bag at a time and you ordered six bags of. Stuff so I'm going to be here see how they iron. Out but here's the thing that's going to. Happen you know how people are the cars going to pull up the. Back hatch will open somebody's out, there, Di, Di, Di, Di, Di Di. Di they take their groceries and then they put their garbage in the, car and the hats goes. Dry so they'll be doing all kinds of. Things it'll be like junk. Pickup You know how you hate putting that. Stupid towel rack in front of, your, house, and, it, sits, there for. Two weeks because they say well the junk pick Appleby's lead October fourth, November fifteen th that's what. We're left searing xactly with like a book. Until you're but you're Lipka And so people will turn that into their. Junk pickup moment as well you order a bag of, potatoes, from Kroger here comes the car the, hatch, opens and. Then goes the towel rack and the bureau whatever it close the, car drives away Watson see people will figure out. Ways to mess with the grocery. Delivery car even if they're not. Going to send it for one person's house they couldn't it's not, it's it's cost prohibitive to do that This is going. To. Have to be a. Lockdown sort of situation like high school lockers or whatever and then you'll have a, code too one of them and you only get so much time because they time is. Money baby we're going to go. It's not like it's gonna come by here like a pinball machine with an arm and just. Smack your groceries out onto the sidewalk for. The, dog next door. To, ravage, that's not going. To happen either there's going, to have to be human interaction at the delivery point. Watch and see. What happens I love. Them when they companies comes up well. We've got it oh. Well that's in, Pleasantville, that's in a perfect world but people will figure out ways to, mess with it that's for sure I everybody welcome aboard I just, started that. Kroger storage. Minutes go made me laugh thinking about All the pranks what about the teenager. Mom's at work. She texture of her. Fourteen year old boy the Kroger delivery. Cars coming by Jimmy. M. eighties The ads goes Outcome the groceries Missiles you'll Lee video, of your son and then she has to hire a, lawyer to say let's not him somebody that. Looks like him you can't. Prove it anyway big fun, coming with self delivered groceries on the way because we are the fattest and laziest country on. The planet earth, coming later today, it'll be comedian, Mike Armstrong's dropping but I think he has a show in. Town this week and then in, a few days comedian Ron. On Hershberg returns he was with the Nettie and me this morning a, little video segment but he can't make it in on the radio. Today or tomorrow he always. Cracks me up he's. Been traveling again he said he's had it up to here with these people and their support. Animals on airplanes it's just. It's so overdone now they're. Just overdoing it and so he has a few solutions and tales of woe, from the road but he's going to come in. Like next Monday now run on as that's. All good Excuse me in, then also today for NFL quarterback Chris Redman will be dropping by. We're going to talk football. High school football is. Underway tomorrow, and so we'll we'll do some high school football set up in and talk about. The NFL we have talk. About the NFL he played. For the falcons among other teams and we'll do a little push and pull, on his falcons are pretty good so he's he. Gets do a whole lot of talking See also on the show today we'll take a little trip. Or yeah let's right it's state fair day isn't that's who the. First voice was Jim gaffe again on they're talking about state fair food how disgusting that can be you should, know though that Kentucky kingdom shut it down for today there was so much rain this morning they. Said we're not gonna open today we'll open tomorrow August seventeenth at Kentucky state fair so I guess that means Tony broadcasting from here, because they were going to be there so the state fair is underway and our day. Is next Tuesday we'll. All be broadcasting out there looking. Forward to big time to meet us over at south wing a entrance and we'll talk with wwl Kyi folks because, there's more rain coming between now. And like Saturday afternoon so plenty to. Tell you throw in, your lap in just a few here on NewsRadio eight forty w. h. a. s..

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