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To Devonport right up top Martin outta Harris Harris deep penetrates voter on the way got it. Fourteen in this half. Now, seventy four sixty four and another turnover they end onto the ball. And they threw it away on the right side line in the pressure was there. And now they forced another turnover tells his side is falling apart here. Martin's going to inbound the ball Lomax and Harris Harris sets up on the right side. They've been in his own tablet. His by him inbound Lomax Lomax, penetrates and leaves it right baseline for Thornton. Fourteen. Fire is good. He's got double digits now seventy four sixty six and eight point game pressure. They double tap on the amount. He will get it to join Joyner gets pushed no call right back to splits to then splits three. And then gets it across the timeline in the middle. They go to join almost knocked the way back to Scott Scott's gonna lobby to join a right side and Frank. Hey, says regroup Joyner goes center circle ten on the clock six oh seven to go on the game Joyner to the left side. Boy, a big dick set not Jeffries top of the key. Here's a three no Lomax, the rebound, and he's running across the timeline left sideline, Harris splits. Everybody drives and misses a finger all and the ball's knocked out of bounds off. Off of Tulsa, twenty three on the clock under six to go in the game. Memphis down eight hours a day. That was not a good show. It was actually he had a clear path. He just missed judged. We're the rim wash did not get it there. Lomax bound he goes out to Mark right back in the corner for Lomax. He gets by everybody puts it up missed it. In the rebound comes down to Tigers triple still looking around. And did he walkers Arafa alcohol that's a foul on Thornton? And that will be foul number nine. I believe on the Tigers. Or was there a time tunnel? Wow. On tulsa. Wow. That's amazing. Boy is not happy about that..

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