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President Trump says he did nothing wrong. His reaction to the discovery of his one time attorney, Michael Cohen, secretly recording their discussions. He says, Cohen was wrong to do so political analyst. Larry Sabato. He's in a very good mood because he's had a golf club or he's trying. To do something other than inflame there's a message, here Michael, Cohen there's. A message, here to the FBI there's a message here to the. Special counsel and there's a message here to his base that's a. Lot for one tweet from CBS news political, consultant Leonard Steinhorn once again another embarrassing story about. The president's personal life comes up the question for a lot of voters. Is what, other secrets is he kept from the American. People she's alive but nine members of her family are, not CBS's, Jim Krasula with one. Woman's nightmare, story of surviving a tour boat accident in. Branson Missouri Somehow some way Tia Coleman miraculously survived the capsizing of the duck boat on nearby table rock lake. Was yelling and screaming and Finally I, say Lord just let me die let me die as I can't I can't keep I just can't because I felt. Coleman lost nine of her relatives in the accident including. An undisclosed number of her children Jim Krasula CBS news Branson Missouri we are learning more about children drowning CDC says. Most kids who drown, are not. Actively swimming CBS's Dana Jacobson has one. Family's story it only took seconds for Nicole Hughes to lose track of her three year. Old son Levi after a day at the beach, the Hughes, family went. Back to, their rental home which also had a pool showered and. Had dinner walked out on the balcony when I looked over the. Second floor he had somehow gotten out a, heavy door down a flight of stairs and was. Face down in the deep end Levi died at the hospital sixty nine percent of, children Who drowned are not actively swimming and aside from birth defects drowning, is the leading cause of death in. Children ages one to four, Dana. Jacobson CBS news New York third round of the, British Open CBS's Steve Futterman is there the top golfers now beginning their rounds in. One hour the two leaders will begin play a pair of American Zach Johnson a former, British Open winner and Kevin Kisner he, has never won a major best round of the day so far English golfer Justin Rose around of six hundred par he is. Now just two strokes off the lead, Tiger Woods on the course right now he has birdied two of the first six holes Steve Futterman CBS news at. The British.

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