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Stretch. We'll get to more. Well, Penn State got the ball on the right wing that time they got it to Stevens. And he just drove the baseline on quarter a little quicker than quarter. But quarter did a good job forcing into two fouls. Rather than a layup. Badge. Were you callback defense? They're just come to the scores table as you say that as Stevens makes the free throw. Marie and Harper. Mcconnell who came in briefly sits and Carter sits Carter picked up the Fowley could could've given it to miles Johnson. They were both there. But they gave it to Carter. His first. So Stevens will get another foul shot to cut the deficit to for Penn. State. Second free throw is good fifty seven fifty five Stevens. Now as nineteen points matching. Rather twenty points. Excuse me, one better than GO Baker Harper tied up or they call of Falun reads right before he might turn the ball over. It's amazing Jerry you pressure. It doesn't does it bother you the whole game. Then you just turn it up just a little bit. And that time Rutgers made a good pass. They threw the ball from the right side in front of the Penn State bench all the way over to the left hand corner at half court. They were cross af court. But when Harper got the ball. You had the half court line plus the sideline. So he was in trouble with a call the foul. One in one for Harper to sixty four percent on the season important free throw up and good front of the rim off the glass and through. Rutgers in front fifty eight fifty five he's got a great stroke to kill in his career Hopi, an excellent. Second free throw one dribble. No good rebound by Stevens. Rutgers by three three minutes to go here in the second. Bolton guarded by Baker around a screen from Stevens to the left into the left corner for dread move it up top for Stevens. Handoff Reeves reefs to the right elbow. Give to Stevens on the wing Pablo. Ball gets it back working his way in and Omorogie gets enclosed docks under a little following comes up short tick doesn't go with the follow for Watkins. Fifty eight fifty seven the Rutgers lead is one to twenty eight to go after hurry here. Get the ball across midcourt farmer. Gets Mathis second chance points. In that case three of them, right? Right. Three chances. Baker will run to the far side Paul timeout with fourteen six shot clock. So really? Yeah. You mentioned make shots. It's gonna come down to free throw shooting and making shots and defensively. You feel like Rutgers has done a good job defensively just breath, hence has turned up their efforts on the glass here. Yeah. They have. I think that time. They did a good job. Eugene did a good job tried to draw charge. And then get to charge in. There was a miss which is what you want. But you gotta give Watkins credit. These are very good athletic offense rebounded. He went there and got the ball and stuck it back in. So an easy to for Penn State. Whenever struggling there have gore. They're going to get the ball and Stevenson's and let him but the boy off of him. No question about it. So see what coach does out of this time out a with the ball to fifteen to go and one more foul Penn State Rutgers shoots too. So both of them are the double bonus, right? And important for teams that struggled to get the two to make that first one, absolutely. So rutgers. We'll have it with fourteen on the shot clock off the timeout up by one and you can see both teams. Rutgers coming off the win over Nebraska. What love to make two hundred row. Penn State Penn State's had Schneider. They're they've had they've had a week to prepare for this game in places since last Saturday. And. Thoroughly they felt this was a game that they could win. Off the timeout. Johnson. Baker Mathis Harper in for Rutgers. Reeves Stevens Hera. And Wheeler on the floor and dread for Penn State. All right. Get the ball in the hands of Montana's Mathis ten on the shot clock Mathis between the circles get it to bake or near steel Baker gets it back on the left wing with four on the shot clock. Knifing his way through the defence up with the right hand off the glass. No. When the ball is rebounded by Stevens in traffic under two minutes to go. Penn State can reclaim the lead. And now Pat chambers will call time out with one fifty three to go. They will have one remaining and Rutgers has one remaining time Reeves jumped the passing lane created a problem for Rutgers got them out of office. Baker did a good job. He got the ball within eight feet. Just missed it. Got the ball up on the rim just rolled set federal rolling to the right in the left out. So now Penn State has a chance, and I would imagine they'll go to I would think they'll get the ball to read and see what he can or Steven or Stephen Moore St. with. I'm sorry. Doc. He's the one who's been really good at nine point bolt has been very good freshman in big spots spots, but in spots year when they needed a basket he's been like instant offense. Yeah, that's his reputation, and he started eight games this year early on and struggle system. But that happens to freshman. And also the fact that he shoots at ninety percent of the line. The ball. Playing at home. Your drive the ball. They announced phase attendance attendance of thirteen thousand three hundred sixty six so a lot of fans out game here. Good basketball. Rutgers get a stop here a couple of stops. Spread a couple baskets. Man to man reads to throw away quarter court on the far side. He's got Watkins Stevens Bolton and dread on the floor listened Rutgers best defensive team. Put the ball into the hands of Bolton. Baltin between the circles runs to the right? Gives to reves reves keeps it turns. And find Stevens top of the key guarded by. All Marie jab step now put the ball on the floor turning and spinning leads in shoots the shot. Brexit and Maria comes up with the rebound with one thirty four to go. Great defense by Gino. One of the better players in America. Now, you're up before now for Rutgers and Rutgers needs to get something out of this possession. Steve paiko calling the play out in the sideline down a fourteen on the shot clock. Baker take it. Now, they're printing to picks up. Double team comes. Baker dribbles to the left. Turns finds McConnell shot clock at five McConnell dribble drive. Throws it right into the hands of Wheeler or rather Bolton. And then we're going to get a tie up and a jump ball. They're saying. But the time. Puts it they blow the whistle before the shot clock expired, though, that's what they're talking about. I don't understand how they even came up with the idea of a jump ball Joe. Because Johnson point if that's the case in the shot clock went off. I thought they blew the whistle beforehand. Right now the clock shows one four zero on the shot clock. If they keep it as a jump ball, the arrows pointed in Rutgers direction. And they will go to replay. I would say it looks like the shot clock expired because balk came out of a McConnell's hands it was on the deck. But that's why they're going to that. Penn State did that time when they got the ball to Baker at Rutgers flatten out at the free throw line. Then they brought their two big players up to the foul line extended on the right side and left side on the foul on extended. Look like, you're going run a high ball screen, and then they just peeled off. So what they did is they left a whole center open for Eugene. But then Penn State countered with they went into a two to one zone press and disrupted that. But we're taking a look at the replay. I'm with you. Joe? I think it's going to be a shot clock violation. As well. And it looks like that's why Penn State is being told by not one hundred percent sure because the officials are still at the scores table. Rutgers gonna need to make another stop here. Yes. It did. It got one stop there. That was good. But it's hard when you're we are under a minute or like a minute and a half and you get a possession. You don't get anything out of it. Taking a long look at. This was a big Rutgers gets a huge possession here. Oh enormous. And I think they're calling it a jump ball. Joe? I'll tell you. I'm not sure, but the official went over to the scores table put his thumbs up like jump ball. And now they're talking to the Penn State coaches while the we've seen the replay a couple of times but on the replay it does not have the shot clock. So you can't tell. No the best. Look we can get on the one replay. You could see the shock lock in the top. Right. Right. Not clear though. Right. And all I'll say is the Penn State coaching staff does not look thrilled. So if that is the case, and we will find out here momentarily. So a new shot. Crowd doesn't like it. So they put up what they put one second back on the clock. Okay. Interesting. So they're gonna say Penn State got possession. Rutgers and miles Johnson got his hands on the fall 'cause the jump ball new possession side out for Rutgers with one five to go. Good job by the officials. Harper gets it into Baker on the left side. Rutgers head fifty eight fifty seven one minute to play in the second half have to score here. Jerry Baker guarded. By Wheeler hanging out the circle at center court down the fifty seconds in seventeen on the shot clock. Now Baker will make a move with twelve acre from the left to the right. Double team comes bounce pass to Harper left side through the shot clock at five Harper on the wing step back jober. No good that tip bio Marino. But a foul called. On the weak side and Eugene will go to the line can extend the lead to two or three great job by Eugene getting position as you said on the weak side right in front of the Rutgers bench. Harper's and open three decided not to take it. Put the ball in the deck gun just shot up. Pretty good shot a soft rebound off to the right side. So now for you, gene. Big throws understatement. He gets to three for four today. First free throw up and in four of five from the line. Ho Marie with eight points. Makes it a two point lead with thirty seven point three left. Kayla. Mcconnell comes in for Ron Harper and Watkins's back for Penn State, replacing Harrer rebound by Eugene was a one handed rebound that he flipped up on the glass. Second free throw got another one possession game here too. Big free throws for all Marie sixty Fifty-seven. Rutgers thirty seven seconds to go. Here comes Bolton driving on Baker on the right side. And then stepping back turning and finding Stevens gets by Omori. Short little jumper is no good rebound. Grandma. Reefs the kickout for dread down at twenty three seconds now for Stevens turning in the paint, shot doesn't go but a foul called and stabilize will go to the line for two with Rutgers up sixty fifty seven twenty point five left. They could grant that rebound. Good defense by Rutgers force a real tough shot by Stevens. Missed it. Just the re. Rebound just popped long and over the extra hands. Rutgers had some people inside the ball just bumped over their heads another possession for Penn State here. Johnson the foul his third Stevens to the free throw line. So no matter what. Rutgers will get the ball one point up. Probably first free throw. Good assuming he makes this. Yes. Harper back in for Johnson, sixty to fifty eight. Better watch out for that Penn State pressure because they are going to be all over the ball. If he makes this. So we talked about nothing how good they are their third. Instills in the big ten top steel teams in the country. They deflect a lot of ball. So they'll be coming at you very aggressively each team is one time out remaining. And I think they'll try and trap a couple times. And then foul second free throw. No good and Marie the rebound being tied up and now either call timeout are they call the foul. They call a foul on Penn State, which seventeen point one left at all Marie to the line shooting too. Big good rebound while Eugene didn't.

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