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Okay disco legends nile rodgers and bernard edwards were denied entry inspiring one of their biggest hit songs no no village sheikh oh okay so even though there are signs for must play on the dance for they found themselves unable to clear the ultra strict door policy new year's eve nineteen seventy seven they were invited to join grace jones at studio fifty four she wanted to interview us about recording their next album and at at the time our music was popular dance dance dance kit but grace jones didn't leave their name at the door and the doorman wouldn't let them in they waited and waited long as we could but it just got too cold we felt horrible totally dejected they walk back to now rogers apartment we grabbed a couple a champagne and we plug dinner music and we just for yelling obscenities bleep studio fifty four bleeping bleep off bleep them bleep we're laughing finally what were they're like hey let's we changed it from bleep off to freak off and then we're like freak out that is how freak that september first number one biggest hits that's funny okay one gate cash gatecrasher tried to died sinking in through an air vent oh my front door rejects i guess the bouncers took all kinds of crap all i'm sure because there were truly two nations club goers who were trying to get in and they had this situation where people would climb down from the building next door in full mountain climbing gear with rob steiner on the shoulders crying hysterical and anyway one guy got second inherent and his body was discovered in black tie attire died in their oh no now they did all kinds of private parties and after the bianca jagger and karl lagerfeld add a candlelit eighteenth century party with the staff in court dress and powdered wigs elizabeth taylor had a performance by the rockets would she viewed while perched on a float of gardenias fun she was later presented with a life size portrait of herself elizabeth taylor meet of cake and one of the most memorable parties was held in honor of dolly parton she visited looked at it this city for concert dates in me seventy eight and he steve rebel wanted to create a rural farm setting to help her feel more at home and they had haystacks.

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