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I would know where these dishes I want on a hot box only do a YouTube video how to how to make gourmet hot pockets I love to shop I can't believe that so I go go in college when you really needed to eat after yeah microwave two minutes it's hot and cold at the same time it over your mouth and it's still cold so I I was blown away by the fact that there is actually a vin yes directions that's my preferred way like preheat the oven to three fifty three you got a lot anyway I've never and I promise you my solemn vow I will never eat heat hot pocket up in another anyway so that's what I got today probably mistake the way things are going the first half hour show with my intestines but that's going away now and it's a double kick in the in the Swami because we're in the call of a nineteen still and we've we can't get food delivered here so we literally will be extremely food insecure on an island so do any of you belong to like Tom Hanks we're gonna be Tom Hanks I will add to this covalent ad do any of you have like a memberships to BJ's or Costco or anything yeah yeah because okay need if I give you money this weekend we just snap up on non perishable food when we open up our own out of your well I order in right there I was actually gonna buy host robin for the families and they're not for the freakin hot pockets though but like yes but for other stuff like toaster ovens are money so I can make enchiladas in a toaster oven because if they don't go I have a little business this article is going out of the corner what's that in the toaster oven ID get shot down by whom I thought you could have one here I don't know right now west of the told you could have one it will however I put in a request I don't know if he's gonna do is go to target I will yeah I don't get a retarded put a request for the cure again there well that any old traffic center I used to have a a George foreman grill and I used it when Doug terrible was Mike's intern slash producer I would make it make me grilled cheese sandwiches every George foreman grill so I had a loaf of white bread the big thing a Kraft singles and like spray on pale and we like it like Doug six fifteen let's go all my sandwiches yes Sir yes service room to do do do do you.

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