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No people live their job big house. He's got to get a thirty million dollar contract. Maybe look that way. Oh He's not getting a thirty million. Looks like it. Looks like the cowboys are going to say. You know what he says. You guys haven't given me my contracts not showing up. I'm not GONNA do any work I'm not going to do. I'm not going to study the playbook or anything. He's out in the corner. He's great he's being asked to work out at home. Be Dog and get paid. Two hundred and thirty five bucks a day to do it and to studying. The all I gotTa say is run me my money. He's not in any danger at home money except except he trips over a caterer for his next big bash. There's no danger to him at home. Jerry Jones Dallas cowboys will pay that man pipe ones from the Stern Tang. Jianhua the Strip club real story though photos to talk about the Hartson went set. A party has anyone. Has Anyone challenged you on the all in challenge? It have you okay. So what whatever What are you GonNa do for that? Good friend Gary V. I was me. Oh Yeah also. Eating has been upgraded by the host now includes unlimited minutes. Ooh You got a house okay and I was just reading so He challenged me know much. Is I'm going to win going to play three on three with a bunch of guys girls or whatever good okay so if you bring five people plus meet six people in your home Jim Thome. That's a really good. That's nice it. Ought ooh to home gyms. Look we've seen on in Atlanta and the one in Orlando is on TV. They cannot be sold. I mean we houses for sale. I'M NOT SELLING YOU'RE NOT SELLING DOPE changed my mind this way. You haven't taken my idea have you? Were you sell it? Hdtv you agree to do. One of those ten episode makeover shows. They buy the house from you in exchange. You do the ten episode makeover show. It's a half hour episodes and they bring in all the HGTV professionals to make over the house so it's actually sellable to a human being and then they sell the House it works. It works executive producer. I'm doing it I'm reaching out right. You've heard that I can make that happen somehow. Gets everything he possibly do. I'm willing to even romance. Joanna gaines behind my wife's back if it's necessarily oh that's for Damn Jamaican storming ask. Let's talk not that Christine on the coast. I like my Christina right in Atlanta not that Christine Marcos. No her you don't watch TV really. Don't know you wouldn't not if it's your single man. There's this call sports. That's usually on your watch checkup. Bet You've watched some of HDTV. Oh you've never seen chip and Joanna who's WHO's hot cute Hoover Kit Hoover was. She's right here from Atlanta. Did you know this about another much? I'm actually doing tomorrow when I tell her. While she's from Atlanta Kit Hoover. Yes Kit was on the real world road rules or one of those I. She's But she's then choose a home makeover show the today show and stuff too or something like that. That's a terrible terrible my God. You're bad human being all right. Well we're GONNA JALEN hurts joining us. Yeah just oh man. Just the probably minutes here sucks if you want what you do so quick texts through the mid mobile. Let's do this show phone Love Min Mobile. We will talk about friends and mobile here in a second but we do We did get hooked up with the show phone from mobile. This one comes from the to five to. What was it like check playing in the Charlotte Coliseum the hive back in the ninety s when they were selling out the building. It was actually took place play. You had that coach always had the main face. What was his name? John Backing the Shah was. It was a tall guy blonde. Had A mean face always had a mean face. I do not know. I'M GONNA go the Charlotte. Hornets coach Larry Johnson on Wall. Grandma it was a very to- place to play very loud but I knew I was going to have a good game every time because it had to. You gotTa Lonzo morning this behind me. And he wanted my spot Allan Bristow Allan Bristow okay. So now when you want my spot you have to kill me for so. I've always tried to outland Mona but it was definitely tougher. Split do beets. These by the way newbies from Bakari one of our podcast listeners. Day One he's been sending US lots of them so we're gonNA start using him on the show. Good stuff This next text comes from the two four eight. What was your favorite game? Seven of all time favorite guy what was the Sacramento Kings at Sacramento? They thought we wasn't GonNA win. Always had a secret on on on how the opponent was play. Cash Apple always stopped my head down the land of the free and I hit get up and I make eye contact with you like if you look away. I knew a hatch like that so I go up philology blahdy blahdy and I give them the you know getting the sound lines like I'm about to bust your ass getting forty nine. So I'll look at fifty at landover and look at and he just he looks away. It was also up. I got him over. If it's what you do with the dog by the way that you shock you know that with the Dog Right. Look at a dog and don't break. The stair with the dog will look away from dog. We'll get intimidated and look away from because we're don't act scared. Okay from the seven one. Four Brendan wants. This is from for a twenty three year old with two minimum wage jobs. What's the best way to start investing even a minimal amount of money October? Answer that because I don't want to act like I mean the premier investor. Of course I have a little bit more change to invest. I think you should seek professional help. Hey can I can I give them an idea? I had no money vanguard not to give one company the thing but I used to have a van guard account where you would put like twenty five dollars a paycheck in and they would vanguard mutual funds. You'd put in like twenty five dollars a paycheck and he got started like you. Just just start some small zones men and build something. Yeah good okay. Last one from the eight. Oh One on this Utah so to White Guy who got different story goes yes I do. We're GONNA pull that next time. We detects from the shelves. What's your daily workout routine consists of It's consists of getting up Tennessee fairly downstairs egg white Omelet with some sausage walking by the elliptical. Not Getting on it walking by the Medicine Ball. Not Getting on it. Yeah I'm I'm all for about a week. Buddies tired sausage right now as well. We're hearing tomorrow the sausage all right there you go every mobile from our friends at MIT mobile. Now here's here's also one thing. I love about being a mobile customer. What's voicemails like this? Hey I swore. We smelled to see how much we appreciate you and wanted to make sure that you knew the during the time you can get unlimited. Gatien Dot Com and then he calls it so by the way in case. You didn't know Ryan Reynolds owns mint mobile and you sort of have a crush on boy crush on not very large boy crush on radio to speak in a mobile going. Good my mobile number out to the fans right now. Yes I am eight one eight five eight three eight three four five. You text me right now. I'll take you back all right. Oh my mobile number okay. Somebody's phone is blowing up. I don't know who is probably look this game. Show you somebody okay ave three eight three four five to go viral. But that's not the number I had was if you don't think there's multiple phones one of them being a mobile phone. You're absolutely mine mobile. He bailed me out. Big Time on the overprice phone plant. So thank you Ryan. That's great and look everyone's trying to save money. Right now Mitt Mobile Delivers by slashing your bill to as low as fifteen bucks a month and every.

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