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West's those are going away because you know consumer demand it said no we want birds that are raised more humanely so that's one of the things that's going to happen and in order for that to happen the poultry industry has got to build a stronger market for dark made a really helped the no chickens listening to the show because there will be really just spirit unethical i mean there's chickens a you're talking about me you know chris thank you so much now i know about the history of the chicken a history of white meat and maybe some day dark meat will come back into favour thank you so much thanks for having me chris there was chris dental smith host of the cbc's podcast the fridge light it mrs lincoln's 1883 cookbook she'll we started with a whole chicken to boehner chicken she writes quote destroyed the chicken remove the skin tough sinews in bones cut the meat from the fis and breast cetera you get the idea but these days any recipe the starts with boning a chicken is of course a complete not start home cooks today won't even butterfly chicken and chicken is no different than white sugar white bread or white rice maybe it's time to put the color back in our food then it just might tastes like something right now i'm heading over the kitchen a milk street to chat with our editorial director j m hersh about this week's recipe jam hurry up on during great so we both been to rome uh you more recently than i years ago i was at the omani impositon had cut short pepi which of course is cheese and pepper and pasta and it was perfectly done and i came home and tried to make it myself and it was imperfectly and we got glue e a nasty so you just got back from a trip to rome in one of the things you were looking at is how to solve the problem of catch you a peppy and what did you find well you know i got to admit that when i flew to rome icon of thought it was user errors on your part because it's such a simple recipe up and i get their insurance it it was very simple katcher a peppy is simply cheese.

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