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History dot com as the civil war neared its end thousands of union soldiers held as prisoners of war or heard it into a series of hastilyassembled camps in charleston south carolina conditions at one camp a former race track near the city citadel were so bad that more than two hundred and fifty prisoners died from disease or exposure and were buried in a mass grave behind the track's grandstand actually this one of the great untold stories of the civil war is the differing prison camps that were held by the north and the south three weeks after the confederate surrender in unusual procession entered the former camp on may first eighteen sixty five more than one thousand recently freed slaves accompanied by regiments of us colored troops including the massachusetts fifty fourth infantry and a handful of white charles stones gathered in the camp to consecrate a new proper burial site for the union dead the group sang hymns gave readings and distributed flowers around the cemetery which they dedicated to the martyrs of the racecourse the racecourse of course being the place where they had held this awful awful prison camp brutality the civil war really cannot be overstated and this is why it's so frustrating when people overlook the legacy of the literally hundreds of thousands of american troops who gave their lives to end the evil of slavery within american borders it's an amazing thing to overlook that and to pretend that america's made no sacrifices on the score is just to be historically ignorant doesn't mean all the problems got solved obviously eighteen sixty five but american soldiers have spent their lives and their blood they've spent their days their years upholding america's first freedoms and those freedoms are deeply important to the cause of freedom in the world obviously obviously thanks soldiers were stationed around the globe right now i'm sure listening to the sound of my voice with lots of members of the military who listen to the show thank god for them and thank them for listening the holidays founder was a guy named general john logan was commander in chief of the union veterans group known as the grand army of the republic and he issued a decree on that may thirtieth eighteen sixty eight should become a nationwide day of commemoration for more than six hundred twenty thousand soldiers killed in the recently ended civil war on decoration day as logan's update americans should lay flowers and decorate the graves of.

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