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I guess even 'cause i i'm not a doctor you can cost osteoporosis these kinds of things from uh being the on because again it will always be the same but you'll be pulling out with you need from your bones but it's not gonna change that answer so that is is just two aims that i mean i could be wrong but is uh you know uh i will tell you one thing that person i'm working with i don't want to mention the name on the phone but is she is not only the chair of stanford university which is very respected school but she's also one of the top internationally known by cancer specialist in all of people i was with they were professors and their topnotch m but i think this supportive thing i think if people um took what you're talking about ban and we actually gave this stuff and our life instead of fresh in our minds trash in our spirits trashing our bodies we would live a long time but we of use our cell all the things that you're talking about and um so that's why serta believe that if somebody has vowed to say one more thing i'll i'll stop a friend uh two friends of mine are both scientists and they are actually uh per producers of some of the finest echinacea and the world and a lot of other herbal supplements and that's great for for building uram yoon system badin isn't it stuff amazing amazing implant planters are may uh herbs are amazing and carol general you know they're weeds right that's medicine grows out of the crack the sidewalk how how cool is that right the.

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