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Haven't. Felt like you didn't get the whole point of that show, man. I haven't seen that show. It's good. It's really good. It gets really really dark, and I get why somebody wouldn't enjoy that. Because it goes from kind of dark comedy to just really dark comedy kind of slips underneath. But the story line is really an interesting and it flows. Really? Well, but I could see it. I'm trying to watch it and just. Yeah. Somebody said every all the Scooby dues are overrated can shut their stupid timeout. Swimming is overrated. Wow. Scooby doo over. I can't there's there's no perfect of character Thelma super hot. And you didn't even realize it, right? Yeah. In Daphne was the one year. But then all of a sudden you're like hold on what's up of elm over here. And then you're like. And then we'd with a dog. Yeah. Exactly. Right. And they all go see ghosts. And then wears off people sounds like you're smoking weed with Adele over there. All right. So Corey got his say Colby. I'm going to go to you. Because this is where the fighting began. It's it's Doug. It's a show about a kid going through sixth grade who've rights stuff in his journal. He finds some friends, and then he just gets overly concerned with insignificant things, and he's playing irritating. I've never understood why that show. Caught it lasted for four years. People spent four years watching a show about a kid be irritating and write stuff in his journal. And the only funny thing was his friend that made the noises. Everything else was you're dumb. What about what about the joke from Roger? Yes. And if he wants a hurts Donut and then he punched him like hurts Donut. That's funny. That's funny. It's crap. And you know, it because you've used it before I haven't you have to you punch me once and said that that's ridiculous because it's from Doug skiers. What point like you should have known that was going to happen? I did. But yeah, no, Doug was awesome. Awesome. Character had quail man is dog was freaking cool and. Dog from the four six nine. Rick and Morty sucks. Totally overrated. That's another cartoon. I've never seen that. I know is caught a lotta that. It's really funny chopped pork chop. Darnold name from the two one four the Simpsons never made me laugh than perhaps you have never seen the episode where they do the planet of the apes musical and Troy McClure sayings. I hate every ABC from chimpanzees aide who chimpanzee that is it amazing bit of dialogue from the nine. Seventy two family guy is so overrated the first three seasons were okay. But it's just junk and got onto long people act. Like, it's amazing. And it's not may one seven family guy at anything else McFarland. And then a lot of debate started about south park. Somebody said, yeah, I'm with Corey ain't that good. Another person said, it's one of the greatest shows of all time. No kids talk the way, those little kids talk to each other or their parents don't know kids don't talk that way. You shouldn't talk that way. If you do talk that way, she gets disciplined in some way, shape or form, but you should not start your parents or have these like supervises. These kids they're able to do these wild things all the time and chase down the monster with the Patrick Duffy leg. It's ridiculous that that happens, and there's never a Mazda with Patrick Duffy leg. Yet from the four six nine and a maniac sucks, so bad. There was a sideshow. That was more popular. Does that mean you take out Garfield to because Garfield friends awesome? I love Garfield half the show was Garfield and then half they went out to the farm then. Yeah. But you always went you enjoyed the farm and orvis or whoever is name was horrible. Feel and then you love going back to see what was going on with Garfield. Not like that was a great cartoon. If you say it wasn't then you're wrong. What's wrong with the enemy maniacs? I like a maniac in the brain was the best part of that show. And I think that's what they were talking. Yeah. That was that was the attraction didn't know anything about pinky and the brain I stopped watching it from the nine seven two pro stars with Jordan and those other two overrated supporting characters why I think that might be Bo Jackson. My most overrated cartoon, and this was an plan. I think I mean, the Simpsons are fantastic. The fact that they never like really truly have a storyline that continues on. It's just always a new story. I love it. Well, except for like who killed Mr Bernie that was only two episodes. Like, I I've always enjoyed their ability to stay. Up with what's going on? And family guy. Like that's a show that you just turn your brain off and laugh whenever it's time. But I I can see how people wouldn't like it. I want to see if you get in on this can somebody said from eight one seven panic Patti man as was hot. Yes. She was she how was I think you're. From ninety one to ninety four. So I was in high school. High school. So I was just learning about myself. You know? Well, there's actually a girl that looked kind of like Patti mayonnaise that I kind of had a crush on. So you think just because of that? No, not necessarily. But like I kind of related her to that girl, and she was a tomboy kind of like or twos. She can do some things you remember because Patty played catcher. And she was better than Doug at baseball deal member that watch my most overrated cartoon, and this was easy for me is Ren and stimpy, Steve you idiot. Yeah. What about log log song? I mean. That sounds fine. But you just encapsulated every episode it wasn't that good of a show. Yeah. It's a terrible show. They eat. He liked love to eat burgers. The kitty litter or something like once it had all the stuff in it. Yeah. I didn't like my sister loved rinse stimpy. And I was like, no I'd rather watch Doug. And so I'd try and get Doug back on. Somehow. It always goes back to Doug. Does it? And somebody says Papa troll. But my daughter loves it and kids in the hood like kids from south park. I I like pop patrol. Have you ever watched pop throw? You should it'd be awesome to have the kind of gear. Those dogs have from the two one four on the lakes, leasing fantastic's at eight seven seven eight eight one one zero five three they say Beavis and Butthead because they never understood it. What is understand? There's two stone her kids watching music videos and playing frog baseball there. There's not my dad didn't want me to watch it, obviously. Because he was like, I don't want you to be, you know, think that way I want you to do that. But once I watched it, I was like, I mean, this is funny though, this is how I should live life. But this is pretty hilarious. And I mean, it was in garland, essentially, right in Arlen or something. I don't know if they ever said that in that show. The hill. There. An Arlene was the neighbor. They were connected, right? Yeah. That clearly looks like hang so. Yeah. No. I could absolutely. I could absolutely. For the four zero nine dragon ball z from the nine four zero. I despise SpongeBob. You know, what I'm sorry guys guys. I'm taking back on south park. Punishable in my house. My kids are not allowed to watch south park. I do not let it happen. Because it shouldn't watch. Southward SpongeBob is gonna say. Yeah. Thaung my kids can't watch. No because he's annoying. He's annoying all the characters on that show. Their song is annoying. I've watched enough of the episodes to know that I so not really watched actually the girl that loved watching the show there. So..

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