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And i think it's very much the way that oprah felt about maya angelou now elia i'm not saying oprah's maya angelou what i'm saying is i think the same kind of respect for the people who were important to you and i think that having oprah in that role even oprah in the sky i was able to like embrace and i liked the fact that you also had it really lightened up by this very i thought pleasantly daffy reese witherspoon turn that i enjoyed a lot there's not a lot to it but i read an interesting interview with her where she sorta said i've done what i aspire to do with acting she's doing a lot of producing now and she serves a you know i'm not worried about acting necessarily i wanna to do things that i like doing and miss felt to me like something that you might do just because what a great thing to be able to say you did you are mrs what's it with oprah and mending gala leif that's a really fun yeah i mean i guess my only thing about oprah in the context of this movie is that it does make it harder to suspend disbelief like you know when you're watching a movie it's great to get completely immersed in it and kind of forget that you're watching actors acting and in this obviously trickier to do with some actors than others because some actors are so big an iconic the no you're watching tom hanks in the post or whatever it's really hard to forget that you're watching oprah and so that you know kind of pulled me out of the movie occasion i think her performance like you said daisy she's oprah as herself a looming guerrilla all you just ellie that peace in that way.

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