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Of Colonel Matt Win and it doesn't even say by as as told to Frank Minke K. E. Just a fantastic story not just about his life but in in what was going on racing at that time and some some of the stories of your mind of of you know what happened and and you know. Matt Land was not a racing guy when he when he first started. He was Kinda just brought into the into the fray and just a wonderful story so down the stretch if you're looking for something to Brooke Guy. I got lucky. Judge Sheriff's gave me his copy and I read it. I pulled it out shop right now and I think I'm going to read it again. It's that good so Get back into a Guy. Everyone and thank. Thanks again to use Stephen. Everyone else will Will you know. Get back in and enroll in California's back on the scene for Good Hammer. I appreciate it. Good luck this weekend and we'll be looking forward to a couple of the big snake days that are that are coming up and the sense of relief Out there and We'll talk next week. Thanks Steve Enjoy the weekend way. Go there's hammer and we He mentioned you mentioned a couple of those options. He that's a that's a curve ball. He through with all catch fire. Which if you if you were a madman I think if you were a madman fan was during was either at the end of madmen or the end of Breaking back at it came on. And it's got that Mackenzie Davis who who's very good. The good good. Good kind of screwball pick hammer and he mentioned down the stretch of the Colonel Matt Wind Story and I brought it up the other day when Elisa McGraw was with us Because she certainly could tell she drew from it For her for her work and Exterminator's here comes exterminator. Because there's a whole is literally a chapter where Matt Win Lauds Exterminator as the best horse as kind of an upset candidate..

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