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And you type in their information about five minutes. Right. It does. And then for what the listener needs to know, you gotta have income credit score. And can prove that multiple choice the krizner we will pull that for you. Yeah. And you gotta have a down payment. Would that get often the debt is a lot of people think you've got to have twenty percent down payment you down, and, but but there will be closing costs at the title company for third party closing costs fees, which is by the state. And here's the thing with that Willie when it comes to closing costs. Let's say you have enough money for the down payment, which could be whatever you want it to be for the most part three percent or more three percents. Typically, the minimum down payment on a conventional loan. Let's say you have the money for that three percent down payment on a conventional loan, but you don't have enough for the closing costs. Well, what we can do instead of giving you the four percent interest rate. We can raise the interest rate, which gives you a credit which will help cover the closing costs. And a lot of people don't know how that works. So you're telling me that if I'm shopping for two hundred thousand dollar home at three percent, and I'm gonna put six grand, plus the closing costs down North Vietnam. In theory. Yes, by if we raise let's say using that same scenario, you just gave hypothetically if we were to raise that from three percent to say three point seven five, then we would give you. An amount of money depending on what rates are doing that day for those closing costs. And maybe you don't have to come up with the closing costs. Maybe we cover this for you. Yeah. Got your attention. I'll bet you. I have interest mortgage is a company that I picked here on real estate talk after five years here at five seventy fifteen years on the radio all the mortgage companies that are available. I pick.

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