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I guess is because i was very taken by How all this stuff isn't how far back it goes and i might not have done a good job. Inexpensively tying it into things like the proud boys and biglou stuff which you do. Yeah exactly exactly but you do you do a through line of bringing all the way through trump and gavin mcginnis and one thing one thing that really drove me crazy and still drives me. Crazy happens all the time. I did a recent very long threat on on twitter about it whereas laying out the map. Of gavin mcginnis white nationalist roots. And he's had white nationalist tattoos since like the nineties screwdriver. You mentioned all that stuff like you did your homework. A big problem. I really have is how and similar to the jimmy. Dorothy where he said. Hey talked to a big lou boy and you won't believe this. They're they're anti this this this too just like us. And we used to his word at what he believes. You know Simply mcginnis a lot of people kind of mcguinness's had several. Wow this thing happened and made me realize that maybe political correctness is bad and that I'm being turned into Conservative or reactionary by discovering these new facts but then when you look into his history since canada is his ancestor nineties. When he was young. He's been in this world forever and yulia people a lot of the time and it drives me nuts. There was this Journalists i knew who writer who lived in brooklyn and You know modern person a few times. Who tweeted oh. It's so funny. That gavin mcginnis. No as a bit you know. Or whatever courted these white supremacists and you know. Ironically now he's kind of trapped. Do this and i'm like no. No no no no no and it drove me nuts and i think one reason is that i feel like vice and government. Guinness in aesthetic has done so much Like besides gawker. I think vice is probably the most influential thing on the voice of modern New york or slash alternative alternative media that camping to thousands lot of people to void saying that they were kind of taken in by this guy and so much of people's aesthetic beauty having a very different politics from again is You know came from mccain's vice that they've kind of made this cope where they tell themselves that he was ironic thing and and you know just just lost the plot or in the movies with cock was on the cover and then go student cover and stuff and i really wanted to compliment that part of the book that you do not even in new york times recently had articles like actual journalists that should do basic research. How do you You know right that this is a hipster wing guy who You know a recent hilter and it's not what it is. He's always been this guy. And i think i think that's a really Good part of the book with the proud boys is that you don't buy into that narrative which infuriates me. Yeah i try to be very careful to show that gavin in particular has been in this world for for a minute now. He's he's not a he's not. He's not a recent convert by any stretch yet provides. Yeah yeah yeah so It goes very into like today's current events and news so yeah definitely definitely read it not just for a history lesson but it all goes right into right into the present and yet thanks. Thanks for joining us. I hope we Got all the best parts of the book out there without Over explain the booking giving giving people you know enough that they want to go check it out. I think it's pretty good book. And and the resource section. I think is really great too..

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