Faulk, Mike, Ottawa discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 52: The Rise of John Cena


A a faulk what's the gas lame what's what's the guy alvarez what's his first thing brana over mike might have to do it fbi a f be a what is the short brian alvarez shirt all that's hurtful water deemed suggests that ottawa because he wasn't there either oh gosh here we go uh the july fourthranked down for talk about here seena russell chris jericho second ever televised wwe match brought alvarez ward right uh jericho beat cena jericho did a great job with him giving him near fall after near fall before finally painting him using the ropes jakov to shake hands after the match but then sucker punch tim santer responded by hitting him with the protocol x to a big pop even though he's lost his first two big matches people are going to take him seriously because he's allowed to be more competitive against top stars so far so good uh what were the plans for saying at this point now normally out beach you up about hey let's push the guy let's have in lose but he's losing two former world champions who were at the peak of their career and you're putting him with angle in jericho who could probably have a fivestar matched with a broom stick not six and a quarter stars less they were in japan but he go you get where i'm going um who was an advocate for cena beano at this point in in pushing him this way.

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