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Park, the first in the state to open back on January. 11th already giving out more than 100,000 doses of Corona virus vaccine We want encouraged the same in every county in the state. Some family are way behind. Some are not where they need to be, and we need to call that out. We need to provide support. I'm cheap shots, but we also need to provide a sense of urgency, but the public deserves Governor saying cynical counties at the top of the list when it comes to vaccination rates in California. Other large sites are opening in L. A in the Bay Area, Sacramento in the Central Valley, Jack Ronin could a new meantime, struggling small businesses in the county could be getting more help The Board of Supervisors voting today on whether to approve $30 million in grant money for businesses, which is dependent on the county receiving federal or state stimulus dollars. There had been an application Was available, and it all ran out of money. So we're getting this organized so that probably by early March that will be funding available and will have everything up and running in an application portal by that. That Supervisor Terra Lawson Remer, who tells Coco Do she and supervisor Joel Anderson proposed that bipartisan measure. Democrats and some Republicans have stripped representative Marjorie Taylor green of her committee assignments for her social media posts, and she's apparently causing heartburn for traditional conservatives ahead of next year's elections. Freshman lawmaker man emerge stronger in her deep Red District in northwest Georgia Greens Social media history included some conspiracy theories, endorsements of violence against elected officials. But even some of her enemies back home are rallying around her against what they see is a democratic power grab. Green has been fundraising heavily over the dispute, and she sent a tweet calling her congressional colleagues. More Aunt Britney Spears boyfriend is speaking out following the release of a new documentary about the pop icon framing Britney Spears. Ex streaming on who Loom follows Spears career as well as the movement rallying against her.

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